Public Service Broadcasting – Southampton 28th November 2013


Please listen to the sirens

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Your attention please.
This is a Public Service Announcement
“Pay attention – A bright new era is dawning.
A brilliant, pulsating miracle that brings substance to shadow”

New Dimensions In Entertainment

 There will be drums. Loud, articulate intelligent drums. Nerdy-looking fellow. Unusual haircut. The quiet type. You know the sort…

A smart chap dressed in tweed and wearing a bow tie will then generate some rather splendid noise on a sound-processing device, while simultaneously playing an electric guitar.
They will say something about the spirit of our time, and show you some moving pictures.


To J. Wilgoose., Esq.

In front of me, a yard or so to the right, two of the Bright Young Things are watching the band.
She is smoking, and he is wearing a hat.

HE : “Absolutely incredible what a chap can do these days.”

HE : “And they do it without a safety net you know.
It’s all held together with just a few bits of cable and some ideas.”

SHE : “Yes, I can see that. It’s all about the importance of ideas now, isn’t it?”


< pause >


SHE : “Beastly noise though, don’t you think? And how is a girl to dance to it?”

HE : “Oh, I don’t know. Listen. This one’s got quite a groove going down.”

SHE : “It isn’t exactly music they’re creating though is it?
At least, it’s a curious sort of music.”

HE : “See how the notes weave and bank and glide…”

SHE : “I mean, there’s not even a singer. Absolutely ridiculous.”

< pause >



HE : “I’m sure it’s all very clever though, darling. Don’t you think?”

SHE : “Golly yes. Whatever will they think of next?”

HE : (raising up on his toes to see) “Dammit Sally! Cove’s got a banjo now. What the devil is he up to?
You won’t hear this kind of thing in the Club, and that’s a fact!.

SHE : “Mrs Twelve wouldn’t allow it.”


< pause >

< Silhouettes of hundreds like them flicker across the ceiling>


SHE : “Darling. What’s that in the middle there? Some kind of transmitter?”

HE : “Something to do with trains. I think he said.”

SHE : “And that flickering word. What did that say?

HE : “Elfstedentocht …”

SHE : “I beg your pardon? There’s no cause to be silly.”

HE : “It’s Dutch. It means something about ice-skating.
Look, on the television screen…

SHE :  (squeals in delight) “Oh, how utterly Charming!!
It’s so elegant. So intelligent”


< pause >


SHE : “And how delightful to meet Mr Hannon!”

HE : “Indeed. Everyone is here. Tom Rowlands. With Ed. In spite of everything.”

SHE : “Yes, I saw them. They are remarkably like each other, don’t you think.”

HE : “And look, darling. Colin’s over there. Waving a pink flag.”




They’ve got me,  and I’m one of them



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