Someone Else’s Birds


Check out the news – I can’t believe my eyes
Someone’s had Long-tailed Duck at Riverside?!!
Uh-oh, uh-oh

I find I’m knocking on a distant door
Calling on memories I have known before

I’m chasing someone else’s birds again
ID I feel a need to learn again
For ducks and wildfowl I yearn again
I’m chasing Someone Else’s Birds

Of course it wasn’t there when I arrived
They never are so I am not surprised
Uh-oh, uh-oh

I thought I saw it but the light was bad
Another Little Grebe is all I had

I’m riding someone else’s luck again
Pretending I don’t give a f*ck again
I guess I’m dipping Long-tailed Duck again
I’m chasing Someone Else’s Birds

Waking up under the Saturday sun
The news is good again – I’ll take a run
It’s such a splendid way to start the day
Showing well no more than yards away!!

I’m watching someone else’s birds again
That old familiar glow has stirred again
Echoes of thirty years are heard again
I’m watching Someone Else’s Birds!!


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