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I have had the feeling for some time that rock is going the way of football. We’ve had the scarves, the badges, the favours. It can’t be long before the punch-ups begin between the supporters of “rival teams”.
Everyone knows that no band, unless they’re the Dead with their “keep on truckin” megalomania can play for several hours at a stretch without have a support band to break the ice for them. Everyone knows that there is no way a new talent can make its mark on the scene without plodding round on those underpaid, unacknowledged, unpublicised gigs.
So why is the crowd that is packing the Marquee this stifling Friday night for the Heavy Metal Kids so intolerant of Tiger Lily, the support band?
They know they’re going to have to wait for their idols, so why not sit back (well, stand back) and enjoy it. After all, the Kids were in a similar position not so very long ago.
Especially as Tiger Lily aren’t at all bad in the currently fashionable, decadent by Bowie out of Velvet Underground by way of Lou Reed sort of way.
Dennis Leigh, their lead singer, has all the mannerisms off pat and you can actually hear the lyrics he’s singing, which makes a change. And the words are actually worth hearing, which makes an even greater change, being something of a cut above “Diamond Dogs” technically, if running along the same rather predictably apocalyptic groove.
The band, who are Steve Shears playing the incredible bending Gibson guitar, Chris Allen on bass, and Canadian Warren Cann on drums – are loose and enjoyable and even their out-of-tuneness (on their second gig together) seems to contribute something to the overall atmosphere.
Shears plays licks which are so bare-facedly ripped off from all the Stones and similar numbers we’ve known and loved for years that it becomes obvious pretty soon that what we are observing is parody rather than plagiarism. Which is Ok, isn’t it?
They finish their set to shouts of “get off!” and Rikki Farr rushes round to the back to book them as support for the next Kids gig. Try listenin’ next time, eh, Kids lovers.


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