I Want to go where the Summer stays

I want to go where the summer stays


I have just returned. It has been raining all day, dulling the sense of awe that one usually associates with a walk through the West End at this time of year.
Everything around is soaked with the greyness of early December except, strangely, most of the trees. In the unseasonal heat of the urban environment, the trees that stand at Cambridge Circus and line the taxi ranks on Charing Cross Road still bear almost all of their green leaves, glistening in the rain, which makes the adorning Christmas lights look ridiculous and out of place. Without the strings of purple and flashing blue twined around the branches it could almost be July. It rains in July too.
Seasons blurring. Past becoming present.
What kind of a girl is this who walks
Patiently beside me.
Just a friend?
In a grey street, unassuming and quiet, tucked away like Underwater Dreamsex, the Coningsby Gallery glows like a warm log fire. In the window, propped on a simple
easel, the crisp monochromatic image of Cinemascope 1: A man in a grey suit captured crossing a plaza between clinical lines of concrete, glass and steel. It could almost be me, on the South Bank just a couple of hours before. Please ring for attention. I love big old doorbells, they have a sense of invitation. We are welcomed in and immediately left alone to enjoy the comfort and charm of the gallery, our whispered footsteps persisting with their noise on the wooden floors.
Gazing down upon us, the tranquil majesty of Heads 1, 2 and 3 – huge portraits of serenity and power, stone faces covered in ivy, lichen, broken marble and stone.
This is Cathedral Oceans – a rare experience without the music. Eerie, and powerful. Moving stillness. Transition and memory. Men? or Women? Old becoming new again in a different setting. These magnificent figures have travelled from before and beyond. There is comfort in the their familiarity, and humility at their grace and immensity.
Opposite, smaller landscape stills, hand-signed in pencil, from Tiny Colour Movies. The Projectionist and Stray Sinatra Neurone. The back of a man’s head this time. A woman’s face.

Without really knowing why, I begin to understand. The passing of time seems no more than the passing of her hand over mine.

And in the lower gallery, hidden from the street, more colossal heads, progressing numerically from left to right around the walls. I’m learning how to read these walls. Shadow City and Underwater Automobiles; Hand Held Skies 1 and 2; Swimmer 3 – a composite of 36 images of Robert Rouncefield’s girlfriend swimming with cars. Soundless and motionless. Only the light moves in the blue water around her.
And then the unfamiliar. Or is it? A wing-ed man with a leather face, dressed in Someone Else’s Clothes. His shoes (from Yugoslavia, in a long-gone style…) hidden among the geraniums that grow unchecked in front of a large bay window. He is The Visitor from another time. A romance with An Earlier Man.

My lover brushes against my coat.

As we move around the exhibition, looking first at each image in turn from close up, then standing back-to-back in the middle of the space turning our heads as if they were cameras, I am reminded of the time when I was a man and she was someone else. A time when there were no colours.

The last wall is Grey Suit Music, new material. A new suit cut from old cloth. The Pleasures of Electricity 1 and 2; well dressed men in shadows, walking the empty streets and familiar buildings of My Lost City. The artist is comfortable in his drifting city, on personal terms with it. I am reminded again that I am not. Who is The Visitor now? Heads 8 and 9, verdant and luscious green like the trees in Cambridge Circus are suddenly austere, frowning upon me, questioning my intentions and my purpose. They look right through me with cold December eyes.


I’m lost for a moment.

This then is, Cinemascope, the world of The Quiet Man. An unrealised novel that exists in so many other formats, all moving and changing through space and time. As you stand in the Coningsby Gallery and marvel at the emerging world of John Foxx – digital artist, you can only be inspired and wonder what other treasures we have yet to discover. Both artist and gallery are as hidden away, charming and inspirational as each other. Perfectly understated.

Just wait here for a moment. There is someone I thought I knew once over there.

Sitting, talking with his friend. He waves a smile…
I will be back soon.

© birdsong, december 2007.
My thanks to everyone involved, especially Dennis de Silva.


Mobilised by ultracolor


I wrote this in Optima.
It sounds write for John. I know Mr Ballard would have preferred me to use a pencil, and perhaps annotate rather than correct and re-draft, but his time is over.
There has been ‘an incident’…

We are entering a time of post neo-romantic anti-surrealism. Da, da, da.
Everytime we go and move on and change, something is lost.
You can no longer ever quite repeat anything.

“The twentieth century gave birth to a vast range of machines — computers, motorcars, pilotless planes, thermonuclear weapons — where the latent identity of the machine was ambiguous”

John Foxx albums, artwork and motion pictures form a complex map of streets and cities connected across time and by mechanical fancy. You can never go back to places and expect to find them as they were before. They have no memory, you see. Unless someone thought to record them?

Under his tutelage, the ambiguous pieces that compromise Ballardian Video Neuronica assimilate neurological pathways that help us navigate the ramshackle, disjointed psychogeography of a dream landscape (whatever THAT means. FFS!!)

Watch a B-Movie short with the sound turned off. It doesn’t matter what the plot is about – the absence of dialogue is a relief, a gateway. A portal to a dimension of understanding that exists outside the logical.

Similarly, you can see direction and purpose more clearly (and so navigate more easily) if you close your eyes. Turn up the sound and try to imagine the screenplay of the film. By using less vital resources, the listener conserves energy that can drive the imagination. He becomes an explorer, an inventor. A space-time traveller.

The soundtrack becomes microsonic – a sudden giant, aural close-up of intense magnitude and proximity. It is so close, the experience of it is from within. It is dissection – a way of learning techniques that explain behaviour and morality through biological analysis.

The music, the machines that created it, and the men that designed it are all part of the same organism and inseparable one from the other.
Here in this lo-tech context – between the bleeps, amongst the vesicles and within the sequenced patches – lies the virtual and hyperreal mythology of Foxx.

Ballardian Video Neuronica brings together pairs of realities: The Past and The Future; The Artist and The Musician; The Automobile and The City. Electricity, and Ghosts. Foxx assemblage is the noble conquest of these irrational couplings, seemingly irreconcilable in appearance, into an environment which suits them perfectly. Anti-fictional synthesis, if you like.

“Music is neither decorative art or the plastic invention of a felt reality; it must every time be discovery. And revelation.”

It’s all very well drifting along for a few numbers, standing at the bar watching the skirts and smiles, passing comment about the clumsy decor, nodding to the clicktrack and ducking the searchlight beams that pick out shadow people in the corners. But you can only hide inside the membrane for so long, before the screaming keyboards and rumbling, persistent bass starts to interfere.

Crash Course is inevitable. Once in every while the underground explodes with a blatant, almost pornographic accessibility – this time in the form of an arrogant dance floor monstrosity that oozes competence and audacity.

He pushes aside those wallflowers and swaggers out to the mirrorball. Gestures, striking pose.
A thick moustache and over-tight trousers, cut from 1974.
Doesn’t know when to stop.
Leaves behind the sour taste of Who-We-Wish-We-Were.

We shrug, passive, dismissive. Unwillingly impressed and choosing not to admit to the girl beside us that we couldn’t take our eyes of him. It’s the stray Ballardian neurone in all of us that reconciles and re-orders.
A small, yellow pill – and we remember what we came in for as if it were years ago. The palate is freshened by the peppermint mouthspray of Obscene Chemistry. The young man in the booth with the beard and skinny jeans cues up Disaster Series – the vehicle in which we are to travel back to a place of discomfort, challenge and pathogenic instability. It slams against our conscience at high speed, crashing splintered metal onto skin tissue. When no-one understands, we feel safer.

“See the breaking glass…”

There’s a car waiting outside. An obscene ’58 Cadillac, driven by a man in a dark suit. The vehicle moves silently down the side street, past the strip joints and neon casinos out on to the harbourside freeway. A bold new direction in alter-sonic freedom. Music for extreme gaming – The Bitmap Brothers meet the Houser gang on the corner of 12th and Kennedy.
Shots are probably fired.

If they were, they would echo out across the night as the car pulls out of the city up the hill and over to The Other Side. It’s raining. Here is a perceived silence and an imaginary darkness, where you think you can only hear clocks, birds and whispered voices.

No-one has any idea what the time is, or how they came to be here, around this piano, in this post-war Lancashire front room telling stories.

 And the thing about stories is that they are like stars – you never quite how old they are.
Or if they’re real or not…

LOUIS GORDON – A discography


Latest updates:

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revised songwriting credits for Occupants and Space Age Love Song

9th April revision:
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revised songwriting credits for Neon Lites
 added A New Kind Of Man / Neuro Video / Retro Future (live albums with John Foxx)

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DJ edit version of ‘Pear Shaped’



With thanks to Adrian Bailey, Chris Curran, Simon Dell, Brian Devine, Rob Harris, Roger Lyons and Northern Star Records


(as E.S. People)

1990 – School of Sound Recording (Manchester)

Rackshaki / No More Cans

Two tracks recorded on white label 12″ single
Written by Louis Gordon and Roger Lyons

In 1984 Spirit Studios made the transition from commercial recording studio to an educational facility to become the School of Sound Recording (SSR). SSR was the first dedicated Audio Engineering School in the UK, harvesting the advice and assistance of producers who had previously recorded at Spirit Studios. Spirit Studios, based on Tariff Street in Manchester, began as a commercial recording studio in 1980 as part of the well-known Northern (or Creative) Quarter. John Breakell, Spirit Studios’ founder and Managing Director, ran the business with facilities that included 4 small rehearsal rooms and a single 4-track recording studio

Yer On Yer Own
(as Vanilla Sound Corps)

1993 – Robs Records (12 ROB 14)

12″ Vinyl EP
OK (Jokers) / OK (Strictly Salford) / Full Tilt (The Future) / Sm‘okay (Rehash)

All tracks written, produced and arranged by Simon Crompton and Louis Gordon

Vanilla Sound Corps was originally an acidhouse / breakbeat duo comprising Roger Lyons and Simon Crompton [Crom] featuring Rowetta Idah (latterly of the Happy Mondays) on vocals
As such, they released two independent 12″ singles in 1989 (“Back Where We Belong”, 1989 on Manchester’s Dun For Money House label and “Passion”, 1991 on House Of Chaos) before Louis Gordon joined. No further material was recorded with this line up, though VSC released two more singles after Louis moved on.



It’s All Gone Pear Shaped
(as Digital Justice)

1994 – Robs Records [12 Rob 31]

12″ single (available in clear vinyl, white label and black vinyl formats)

Oxygum / Brainiak / Theme from “It’s all gone pear shaped /
Can’t U See / The Till (Wild Pitch) / Profit (No Till)

All tracks written, produced and arranged by Louis Gordon,
Simon Crompton and W. Devon

In 1995 Louis Gordon and Simon Crompton of Digital Justice became the envy of technoheads all over Manchester with their epic twelve minute beatless masterpiece, Theme From: It’s All Gone Pear Shaped. The track reeks of the kind of melancholic euphoria that can only be cooked up in dank Ancoats studios on strong drugs, and has since become a big spin for Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Carl Craig, to name but three. Not bad for a track jammed out in one take and mastered onto a TDK cassette. Says Cromi: ‘The most memorable time I ever heard Pear Shaped being played out was on Millennium Eve. I was working in London away from my family and friends. I’d gone down to see Andrew Weatherall DJing with Leftfield. The bells came in at midnight, and then Pear Shaped came on, and Weatherall was just grinning at me from the behind the decks. I got straight on the phone to Louis and he was like, fuck off!’ 

This track also features on:

Auteur Labels  : Rob’s Records
[LTMCD 2542]

Theme from “It’s all gone pear shaped” (Track 11)

Picture 9

What Will Be Will Be
(as 3rd Movement)

1995 – Planet 4 Communications

What Will Be Will Be (Nick Hussey Mix) / What Will Be Will Be (Explorer Mix) /
What Will Be Will Be (Original Mix)

All tracks written and performed by Louis Gordon and Roger Lyons

Picture 11

Theme from : It’s All Gone Pear Shaped
(as Digital Justice)

1996 – Fragile Records

12″ single
Theme from “It’s all gone pear shaped” / Alternative Reality Part 1 : Shapes

All tracks written, produced and arranged by Louis Gordon, Simon Crompton, Martin Desai and Liam Duggan

This track also features on:


Beyond The Dance : Transmat 4
(Derrick May)
Lastrum records – December 2012 (Japan)

DJ Kicks
(Stacey Pullen)
Studio iK7 – October 1996 (Germany)

Live gig

Louis Gordon in Shrewsbury 22-09-1995.jpg

(as Louis Gordon)

22nd September 1995
supporting Pepperpots at Shrewsbury Music Hall

Shifting City

(as John Foxx & Louis Gordon)

March 1997 – Metamatic Records

The Noise / Crash* / Here We Go* / Shadow Man / Through My Sleeping /
Forgotten Years*Everyone* / Shifting CityConcrete, Bulletproof, Invisible** /
An Ocean We Can Breathe*

* written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

** written by John Foxx,  Louis Gordon and Jackie Leven

All tracks produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon
All tracks engineered by Louis Gordon

Cathedral Oceans
(John Foxx)

March 1997 – Metamatic Records (CD)
January 2003 – DVD

Infinite in All Directions (Track 8)
written and engineered by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

This track also appears on:

Cathedral Oceans 1 + Cathedral Oceans 2
(John Foxx)

June 2003 – Edsel Records


The Complete Cathedral Oceans
(John Foxx)


October 2010 – Edsel Records

Future Music #59

August 1997

Covermount CD with this issue includes :
The Noise* / Infinite In All Directions

Written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon
* performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Exotour 97
(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

October 1997 – Metamatic Records

Burning Car / Dislocation / Overpass* / This City / Shifting City

* written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon


Subterranean Omnidelic Exotour
(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

April 1998 – Metamatic Records

20th Century / Burning Car / Overpass* / This City / Hiroshima Mon Amour /
Just For A Moment / The Quiet MenAn Ocean We Can Breathe* / Through My SleepingThe Noise / Shifting City / Endlessly

* written and performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon
All other tracks performed and arranged by John Foxx and Louis Gordon 



Original, demo tracks recorded include

Mardi Gras / Jolly Roger / Circus Girls / Electric Oxygen of Venus /
E-Wing / Aural Mafioso

Written and performed by Louis Gordon Allan Owens and Roger Lyons

Manchester 1999
“Madchester has long devolved in Sadchester. Those legendary hacienda nights are remembered out of proportion.
The city is left with its rainy misdemeanour and native population.
The corporate circus has loosened its tent pegs for the next like of its Lolapalooza type journey through the sticks.
The CircusGirls saw it all… felt it all… then wrote about it. The music mafia, the gay village, the endless pizzas,
the superstar dj’s and the vulnerable sods locked up on E-Wing

The CIRCUSGIRLS see it all… feel it all… the write about it” (Noah Vale, 2001)

Live show

23rd December 2000
as Circus Girls

Manchester Night & Day Café Bar

Sick Puppy
Mardi Gras
Jolly Roger
Sailor boy
She’s  wonderful 
I’m a man
Hey Teenager
Electric Oxygen of Venus

Modern Art – The best of John Foxx
(John Foxx)

June 2001 – Demon Records

18-track collection of singles, B-sides, unreleased and rare material, including:

The Noise (Track 14)
written and performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

The Pleasures of Electricity
(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

January 2002 – Metamatic Records

A Funny Thing / Nightlife / Camera / Invisible WomenCities of Light 5 /
Uptown/DowntownWhen It RainsAutomobileThe Falling Room / Travel /
Quiet City

All  tracks written and produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Re-issued October 2009 as follows:

CD1 remastered. Tracks as above except:
Nightlife (alternative mix) and Cities Of Light 5 (alternative mix)

CD2 original version with two additional ‘bonus’ tracks:
Twilight Room / Screenplay

All  tracks ‘recorded, produced and composed’ by John Foxx and Louis Gordon



New material written for a second album includes:

1000 Days / Why Are You Here / So Pleased


Kaleidoscope #12

October 2002

Covermount CD with this issue includes :
(from The Pleasures Of Electricity album)

Written and produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Live show

14th February 2003
as the Circus Girls

Manchester Roadhouse

Mardis Gras
So Pleased
1000 days that changed the world
Electric Oxygen Of Venus
Hey teenager


Crash and Burn
(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

June 2003 – Metamatic Records

Drive / Cinema / Broken Furniture / Crash and Burn / Once In A While / Sex Video /
SidewalkingUltraviolet/InfraredShe Robot / Dust and Light / Ray 1 Ray 2 / Smoke

All  tracks written and produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Re-issued November 2010 as follows:

CD1 remastered (as above)

CD2 :
Making Movies / Your Shadow / Underwater Dreamsex / Labyrinth Generator Broken Furniture
(Live From A Room)
 / Ultraviolet/Infrared (Live From A Room)Nightlife (Live From A Room) /
Storm Warning /
Broadway Submarine / Dust & Light
(Live in Nottingham 2003) / Invisible Women V2 (Live in Nottingham 2003)

All  tracks ‘recorded, produced and composed’ by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

The Drive EP
(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

September 2003 – Metamatic Records

Drive (Radio Edit) / Broken Furniture (Radio Edit) / Underwater Dreamsex /
Making MoviesYour ShadowBroken Furniture (Album Version) /
Drive (Album Version)

All  tracks written and produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Picture 7

Somewhere Off The Radar
(as The Circus Girls)

March 2004 – Reverb Records
(Written and recorded in 1999)

Mardi Gras / E-Wing / Pizza Delivery Boy / She’s Wonderful / Jolly Roger / Sailor Boy /
Nymphomaniac / Aural Mafioso / Womankind / Sick Puppy / Hey! Teenager /
Electric Oxygen of Venus

All  tracks written and produced by Louis Gordon, Allan Owens and Roger Lyons


Music for Heroes THREE

April 2004 – Hydrogen Dukebox

Label sampler album that includes an exclusive John Foxx remix of Metamatic’s 4am On Spectre Canal

John Foxx: “Louis Gordon came up with quite a few ideas for the remix too. There are those bits where the track almost stops – as if the music is taking a deep breath – and then carries on. That was Louis. It does lend the song a fairly abstract quality which is nice” (Future Music, March 2004)

Louis is not mentioned on the artwork for this album, and receives no credit


3 Jak & Dive – Metamatics

March 2005 – Hydrogen Dukebox

CD album includes Free Robot an exclusive John Foxx remix of She Robot from Crash And Burn

Louis Gordon came up with the bassline for the original track.
He is not credited on this remix.

Picture 8

Where Have We Been All Your Lives?
(as The Circus Girls)

October 2005 – Reverb Records
(Written and recorded in 2002)

So Pleased / Satellite / If You Don’t Like Us (Why Are You Here?) / All Our Lives /
DegeneratorIce Creams In AugustSaturday Night / In New York Again / 1000 Days /
In Sight of Me Ohm

All  tracks written and produced by  Louis Gordon, Allan Owens and Roger Lyons

Live From A Room (As Big As A City)
(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

July 2006 – Metamatic Records

Intro* / Sex Video* / Making Movies* / Metal Beat / No-One Driving / Plaza / Underpass Touch & Go / He’s A Liquid / Broken Furniture* / Ultraviolet/Infrared* / Nightlife* / My Sex

* written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

All tracks arranged and produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

The Hidden Man
(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

July 2006 – Metamatic Records

Freeze Frame (extended version) / Running In Traffic / From Trash

All tracks written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

All tracks arranged and produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon


Closed Gone Fishing
(as Louis Gordon)

July 2006 – Black Spot Records

The Fish / I’m Not Wanted / The Ballad of Johnny Ball / This Satellite /
Space Age Love Song* Bridge 5, 6 and 7 / Just Fishing / Shady Grady /
Captain Scarlet Silver SurferI Wrote You A SongHello Walnut Road /
The Millers Mile A Little Song

All tracks written and produced by Louis Gordon, except * written by A Flock Of Seagulls


Deep Electric Blue EP
(as Louis Gordon)

July 2006 – Black Spot Records

We Are Miracles / Strange Individuals / Pure and Simple / Blind Anorexic /
Return of the Red EyeShort Walk, Long Shadow (Bonus track)

All tracks written and produced by Louis Gordon

Live show

27th September 2006
as the Circus Girls

Manchester Roadhouse

I’m on the phone
Where have we been all your lives?
Mardi Gras
16 33 45
If you don’t vile up
D generator
He’s in love


Circus Girls
(sampler EP)

Saturday Night / Mardi Gras / Ice Creams In August / E-Wing

distributed with other promotional material on John Foxx and Louis Gordon’s ‘Hidden Man’ tour

From Trash
(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

November 2006 – Metamatic Records

From Trash / Freeze Frame / Your Kisses Burn V2 / Another You / Impossible /
Never Let Me GoA Room as Big as a City / A Million Cars / Friendly Fire /
The One Who Walks Through You

All tracks written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

All tracks arranged and produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon


Tell Your Mum I Saved Your Life
(as Louis Gordon)

November 2006 – Home recording

Those ARPs / Still Clear / Water / Call It What You Want / Goodbye Johnny Ball* / (incl. two hidden tracks)

All tracks written and produced by Louis Gordon

*Goodbye Johnny Ball shows a running time of 24’30”.
The track in fact runs for only 18’30” and is followed by two others not shown on the EP’s artwork or track listing.
The first of these is an extract of Kraftwerk’s Neon Lights later available on Soundcloud.
The second is an ambient instrumental piece that remians otherwise unavailable

(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon

November 2006 – Metamatic Records

And The World Slides Sideways / Underwater / X-ray Vision / Car Crash Flashback V2 /
In A Silent Way /
 Sailing On Sunshine / Use My Voice / Neuro Video / Phone Tap /
Impossible (extended version)
A Room as Big as a City (extended version)

All tracks written and produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Re-issued November 2010 as follows:

CD1 remastered  (as above)

Recorded live in London, October 2008:
Intro* / Walk This Way* / Dislocation / Travel* / Young Savage / The Garden

* written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Bonus tracks:
Haunted / Running in Traffic (Full version) / Impossible (Jori Hulkkonen Mix) /
Neuro Video (Jori Hulkkonen Mix) / A Room as Big as a City (extended version) /
Freeze Frame (extended version) / Impossible (extended version)

All tracks written and produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Tight Lines (Shite Lines)
(as Gary Numan’s Angling Almanac)

December 2006 – myspace.com

One track written and performed by Louis Gordon


Various tracks
(as The Fred Dibnah Trio)

December 2006 –  myspace.com (as Gordonstoun Records)

Warm Leather-etiquette / Do Yer Like That? / Neon Lites*

All tracks written and performed by Louis Gordon, except * originally written by Kraftwerk
Fred Dibnah ‘voiced’ by Dave Formula

Various tracks
(as Shady Grady & The Crumbs)

December 2006 – myspace.com

Brain Dead Slut / Munk da Holler / Happy Burfday Timmy / Piece o’ Wood /
A Sailin’ We Will GoAny Old Cars / Big Blue Vein / Myyyy Waaayyy*

All tracks written and performed by Louis Gordon, except
*originally written by Paul Anka and popularised by Frank Sinatra.

Myyy Waaayyy was recorded and broadcast on Buxton Radio’s “Live and Direct”

Live show

10th March 2007
as the Circus Girls

Buttermarket, Shrewsbury

Picture 12

Goodbye Walnut Road
(as Louis Gordon)

March 2007 – Northern Star Recordings (download only)

Short Walk Long Shadow / Always Be Around / See You in the Morning /
You’re Looking ForFishing My Life Away / Generations / Life is Like an Ocean /
The Black Spot

All tracks written and performed by Louis Gordon

(as Progfoxx)

May 2007 – myspace.com

One track written and performed by Louis Gordon

In a far off Galaxy two spaceships, one carrying the music of the Godfather of Techno, John Foxx and the other carrying 39 gazillion megabytes of Prog Rock streamed off the internet crashed . Due to absence of any science the craft mutated into one . It now travels through space using just the one powerplant, one navigation system and only one genre of music . This music exists at the far reaches of the spectrum . It is there continuously. When White Noise finally ceases to exist there will only be one noise…

Chris Curran:
Prog is my favourite music genre . I had been touring with The Flower Kings a swedish progressive rock band. Louis, of course knows this as he had been subjected to the glorious sound on the way to London before we went to a show in Huesca…. and on the way back ! A few weeks later he emailed the song to me . After a few days I stopped laughing and set up the myspace presence . I wrote the description [above], which reading today, some years later I wonder with the heck I was on about 😀
[reproduced by kind permission]

Retro Future
(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

September 2007 – Metamatic Records

20th Century / Burning Car / Overpass / This City / Hiroshima Mon Amour /
Just For A MomentThe Quiet Men / Dislocation / Here We Go* /
An Ocean We Can Breathe* / Shifting City*

* written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon
All tracks mixed by Louis Gordon

Synthesizers, rhythm machines and backing vocals by Louis Gordon

recorded live at Shrewsbury Music Hall on 10th January 1998

Electric Shock Treatment EP
(as Louis Gordon)

November 2007 – Home recording

Electric Shock Treatment / Crash That Car / Purple Dancer / This Air / Joe Killer /
Dance With MeTheme from ‘It’s All Gone Pear Shaped’

All tracks written and performed by Louis Gordon

Various tracks
(as The League Unlimited)

January 2008 – myspace.com

Pork MedleyLover Electric

All tracks written and performed by Louis Gordon

Blind Anorexic
(as Louis Gordon)

April 2008 – Toffeetones

Girl with a Voltage/ Jailbait* / Memories of Water / Blind Anorexic / Magic Eye /
Strange Individuals / Move Through Grey / Movie Stars / Ride My Bike / Beautifull Girls
with Miserable Faces
/ Return of the Red Eye

All tracks written, performed and produced by Louis Gordon, except
* written by Louis Gordon and Allan Owens

A New Kind Of Man
(John Foxx)

April 2008 – Metamatic Records

Film One / Plaza / Underpass / Metal Beat / No-One Driving / A New Kind Of Man /
Blurred Girl030 / Tidal Wave / Touch And Go / Glimmer / Mr No / This City / My Face /
Burning Car 20th Century

All tracks written by John Foxx.
Synthesizers, rhythm machines and backing vocals by Louis Gordon

Recorded live on the ‘Metamatic’ UK tour in autumn 2007


Recliner (Volume 1)
(as Louis Gordon)

June 2008 – Toffeetones

Track 07 – See You In the Morning

This is a different version of the song to that which appears on
the album Goodbye Walnut Road

Toffeetones Taster One
(as Louis Gordon)

July 2008 – Toffeetones

Crash That Car (Track 3)

written and produced by Louis Gordon

Little Stiffy and the Semi-Ons
(with Matt Gunn)


Nozstock Festival
An independent festival of performing arts held annually in Bromyard, Herefordshire
18th July 2008

Louis Gordon and Matt Gunn performed in 2008 under this alias
The set included a song called
Jeckyll and Hyde

Here We Go – The Other Side Of Metal Beat
(a tribute to John Foxx)

August 2008 – Toffeetones

Move Through Grey (Track 8)

Written, performed and produced by Louis Gordon


Glimmer – Best of John Foxx
(John Foxx)

September 2008 – Edsel Records

CD1 :
Glimmer / Plaza / No-one Driving / Underpass / Quiet City* / Dislocation** / 030 /
Twilight’s Last Gleaming / Sunset Rising / Cities of Light 5* / Europe After the Rain /
Hiroshima Mon Amour** / The Garden

CD2 :
Through My Sleeping* / Endlessly / My Sex** / He’s A Liquid / Car Crash Flashback v2 /
Dancing Like A Gun / Just For A Moment** / Dislocated / Burning Car / Miles Away /
Stepping Sideways / Free Robot / No-One Driving (early version) / Plaza (early version) /
Burning Car (Dubterror remix)

* written and performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon
** performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

October 2008 – Metamatic Records

Adult Concerns*/ A Million Cars / From Trash / Impossible / Friendly Fire / X-ray VisionThe Man Who Dies Every Day* / Walk This Way / Dislocation* / Drive / The One Who
 Through You / Crash and Burn

All tracks programmed, produced and mixed by Louis Gordon, except
Adult Concerns – programmed, produced and mixed by John Foxx

All tracks written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon except *

Synthesizers. rhythm machines and backing vocals by Louis Gordon

Live show

8th November 2008
Louis Gordon and Toffeetronic

White Noise Electronic Festival, Newquay

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 22.07.07.png

Psychedelica Three
(as Louis Gordon)

2 and a half hours of the most fuzzed up, blissed out bands in existence. Its a heartstopping white knuckle rollercoaster ride from start to finish featuring an eclectic selection of the very best in contemporary psychedelia.

November 2008 – Northern Star Records

Always Be Around (Disc One, Track 15)

written and produced by Louis Gordon

Picture 7

The Shortwave Sessions
(as Gordon and Gunn)

December 2008 – Toffeetones

Numbers 1 to 7 / Champion / The Rules / Stuck In the System / London Suits /
Never TouchVirtual march (for no reason) / Scream / Chinese Whispers /
A Million Black HolesLouis & The Law (Hidden track)

All tracks written, performed and produced by Louis Gordon and Matt Gunn

Recorded live at Louis Gordon’s studio in Buxton, October 2008

(John Foxx)

December 2008 – Metamatic Records

A six-disc retrospective box set of John Foxx albums, including
Crash And Burn (as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)
From Trash (as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

Picture 8

Christmas With The Tinseltones
(as Tinseltones)

December 2008 – myspace.com

Written, performed and produced by Louis Gordon and Matt Gunn

Remixes :
You Can’t Eat Turkey On Yer Own (Single Version)
You Can’t Eat Turkey On Yer Own (Original Full Length Version)
You Can’t Eat Turkey On Yer Own (Dubby Gonzalez)
You Can’t Eat Turkey On Yer Own (Censored Radio Edit)
You Can’t Eat Turkey On Yer Own (Cold Turkey)
You Can’t Eat Turkey On Yer Own (Urban Flava)
You Can’t Eat Turkey On Yer Own (Reggae Reggae Rudolf RMX)

Live show

28th March 2009
as Gordon & Gunn

White Label Festival, The Rainbow – Digbeth, Birmingham

Dave Charles Show 102.3HFM
(as Louis Gordon)

May 2009 – live radio session

Fishing My Life Away / El Bummo

El Bummo is a brand new song, performed here for the first time.

Session includes exclusive premier of Louis’ new single ‘this Air’ and tracks from the EST album.
Broadcast 10th May 2009



This Air (CD single)
(as Louis Gordon)

June 2009 – Toffeetones

This Air (Remix) Radio Edit / Turning Into Everything (Album version) /
This Air (Remix) Full length version

All tracks written, performed and produced by Louis Gordon

Also released on 7″ vinyl : This Air (Remix) Radio Edit /  This Air (Remix) Full length version

Buxton Advertiser
18 June 2009

Synthesising new sound on Louis’s latest album

A MULTI-TALENTED musician from Buxton is preparing to celebrate the launch of his new album. Louis Gordon’s vast repertoire includes drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and his own distinctive and versatile singing voice. He has also established a reputation as an electronic artist and recording studio boffin, using synthesisers, drum machines and guitars to produce his own unique electro-psychedelia.
Next month sees the release of his epic, semi-autobiographical double album Electric Shock Treatment (EST), which contains a second disc entitled “The Motion Picture Event Of The Year”.

And to celebrate, Louis is holding an album launch party at Nat’s Kitchen, 9 Market Street, Buxton, on Monday (June 22), from 7pm until late.

Perhaps best known for his musical partnership with John Foxx, the legendary electro-rock multimedia manipulator and founder member of Ultravox, Louis has worked as his musical collaborator for the past 14 years.Together they have released 15 albums, appeared on four compilation albums and toured the world.

Louis has supported New Order with his band ‘The Circus Girls’*, released an underground smash dance hit ‘The Theme From It’s All Gone Pearshaped’, and his output encompasses six albums under his own name. He also has a sideline partnership with Matt Gunn, and together they have played two festivals and released an album ‘The Shortwave Sessions’.

There is no evidence to support this. The connection will be Roger Lyons, of the Circus Girls, who is sound technician for New Order

Live show 

22nd June 2009
EST album launch

Nat’s Kitchen, Buxton 9pm

Live show 

26th June 2009
as Louis Gordon performing three sets

1 – An acoustic/drum machine solo set to warm things up.

2 – A selection of tracks from the forthcoming E.S.T album.

3 – An electronic set.
Crash That Car:

Grub Cafe, East Grinstead

  Picture 9

E.S.T. / The Motion Picture Event Of The Year (2xCD)
(as Louis Gordon)

July 2009 – Toffeetones

Electric Shock Treatment
A semi-autobiographical look through the magic eye of Louis Gordon. E.S.T. takes you on an emotional road-trip of sound from hardcore electricals to trippy psychedelia and beyond. It simply defies categorisation!
Stretford Meders / Crash That Car / Purple Dancer / Occupants* /
StrawberrymaggotsforeverThis Air (Original version) / Thunderbirds Alright /
With My Magic Eye / Dance With MeMostbeautifulmanintheworld / Trailer Trash

The Motion Picture Event Of The Year
This companion piece to E.S.T. takes a breathtaking journey through the eyes of a child growing up in the ’70s. Adorned with lush orchestral strings and spikey guitar/synthesiser solos, The Motion Picture perfectly extends the themes of E.S.T. and takes you places you never expected to be…
The Opening Scene
/ Ghosts / Blindfold the Atom (Part 1) / Blindfold The Atom (Part 2)Muscles / Turning In To Everything / Hala Fukin Luya / Futureproof / Criminal Animal(The Final Scene) / Swallows

All tracks written, performed and produced by Louis Gordon, except
* originally written by Klaatu / The Carpenters)

Cover artwork for The Motion Picture Event Of The Year includes a composite of portraits of artists and characters that have had an influence on Louis’ work. It includes a cameo of John Foxx (back row, 4th from left)


Thunderbirds Alright

Home-produced video uploaded to youtube by Funkstar124

Live show 

18th July 2009
EST album launch

Spirit Champagne Lounge, Shrewsbury

Photo ©Brian Devine. Reproduced with permission


This video courtesy of Dadge – Louis performing Miller’s Mile:

Similar videos here for a performance of This Air

Live show 

9th December 2009
as Louis Gordon, with Tenek and Lost Controllers

Bodega Club, Nottingham

Pictures here by Brian Devine

Louis performed a new song:

Live show 

10th December 2009
as Louis Gordon, with Tenek and Lost Controllers

Camden Rock, London NW1

Lost Controllers were first up. Not my cup of tea I have to say – in the 21st Century I find it hard to digest that light-Depeche Mode synth-pop sound….but it really was just me because the audience really enjoyed it. As a testament to Lost Controllers – whilst I was at the bar, the girl serving was singing along to the second chorus of one song, despite having never heard it before they started playing it(they hadn’t sound-checked it). Lost Contollers were quite infectious, got the night off to a bang and finished to much applause and cheer.
The DJ played Numan – which got a massive cheer and the chant of Numan! Numan! went on throughout ‘We Are Glass’ (…or was it I Die: You Die?) and the Usual Suspects: Human League, Foxx & Gordon, Depeche bleedin’ Mode…
Tenek came on – again, that Depeche Mode synth-pop sound but a bit more to it. Very dance (early 90s dance) oriented and good stage presence – not surprising to know that this lot are off on a full-on European tour early next year including Moscow.
Louis  comes on to, of all things – Cathedral Oceans! No. Really! All similarity to ambience ends there. It kicks off, KICKS off – with a track that might be called Over Again – which sounds like Slade and Hendrix covering Perfume by Paris Angels – fantastic!
Please remember – like Rowley Birkin QC – I was very, very drunk, so memory is failing me. It’s all colours and noise and a very happy crowd. The words ‘Space Rock’ come to mind, but not in the CAN sense. I’m trying to find the words for it but all I can think to say is; Louis Gordon and Matty Toffee on four cans of cola and packets of space dust. There’s a very beautiful song that you must hear – Angel on my Shoulder and then the four cans of cola and packets of space dust-power pop of Magic Eye sort of closes the set. The crowd’s in good form, it’s been a great evening, and I say sort of closes the set, because whilst breaking the gear down, the ‘Turkey’ song gets played and we get Louis doing Bruce Forsyth-style stage moves whilst simultaneously tidying his guitar cables.
(Garry Hensey, metamatic forum)

(as Louis Gordon)

31 October 2009 – myspace.com

Miracles RMX

Preview track from the ‘forthcoming’ album Retrospectives  – (which remains unreleased)

New track “Miracles” on Louis’ myspace player (second one down). More
sneaky peeks at the 2010 “Retrospective” album will be posted in the
next few months while the album is being prepared.

Toffeetones Taster Two
(album sampler)

January 2010 – Toffeetones

Track 01 – Mardi Gras (as Circus Girls)
Track 03 – Lover Electric (Edit) (as Louis Gordon)
Track 05 – Whicker’s Girls (Progress Edit) (as Gordon & Gunn)

(John Foxx)

May 2010 – Edsel Records

CD1 :
Underpass (extended version) / This City / No-One Driving / Burning Car / The Noise* / Everyone* /
When It Rains* / Automobile* / Broken Furniture (single version)* / Drive (single version)* /
Once In A While* / From Trash* / Never Let Me Go* / Smokescreen / Cinemascope / Phone Tap*

*written, produced and performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

CD2 : John Foxx and Louis Gordon live in Sydney 2008
Crash And Burn* / Uptown/Downtown* / The Man Who Dies Every Day / Hiroshima Mon Amour /
Underpass / From Trash* / Shadow Man* / My Sex*

* written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

All tracks performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon
Synthesizers, rhythm machines and backing vocals by Louis Gordon

Track 6 – The Noise (Live on VH1) /
Track 7 – Shifting City (Live in Shrewsbury 1998)

Written by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon
Synthesizers, rhythm machines and backing vocals by Louis Gordon

Live show 

18th February 2011
as Louis Gordon and Matt Gun

EAR festival, Croydon

Can’t Stop
New Track (they couldn’t remember the name of it! laugh )
Man v Machine (also available on the festival CD)
Sunshine Treehouse
Walking Dead
Sowing Seed

Omoiyari For Japan : International Music Rescue Vol.2
(as John Foxx and Louis Gordon)

June 2011 – Vinyl Japan

Invisible Women v2 (Original version)
(Disc 1, Track 12)

Written and produced by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Various tracks
(as Louis Gordon)

March 2012 – Soundcloud

I’m Reliably Informed / Master Blast / Valentine’s Day Massacre

Written and performed by  Louis Gordon

Picture 1

Bingo’s Crime Farm
(as Gordon and Gunn)

March 2012 – soundcloud

Written and performed by Louis Gordon and Matt Gunn

Live show

21st April 2012
as Louis Gordon

The Cheshire Cheese, Buxton

Picture © Brian Devine. Reproduced with permission


Various tracks
(as Louis Gordon)

April 2013 – Soundcloud

Mods (Live at the Bridge in Maidenhead)Radio SilenceBridges (Toffeetronic remix)

Written and performed by  Louis Gordon

(John Foxx)

June 2013 – Edsel Records

CD1 :
Track 10 – An Ocean We Can Breathe
Track 12 – Shifting City
Track 13 – Underwater

Written and performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Various tracks
(as Louis Gordon)

October 2013 – Soundcloud

Ciggarette [sic] Medley

Written and performed by Louis Gordon

Various tracks
(as MagicEyeD)

March 2014 – Soundcloud

TimelessRadio SilenceLezzers N Pro’s

Written and performed by Louis Gordon and Roger Lyons

Live show

28th March 2015
as Louis Gordon with Graham Clark

The Ale Stop, Buxton 9pm


20th Century: The Noise
(John Foxx)

July 2015 – Metamatic Records

Track 13 – The Noise*
Track 14 – Through My Sleeping*
Track 15 – Hiroshima Mon Amour (Omnidelic Exotour version)**

*Written and performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon
*Arranged and performed by John Foxx and Louis Gordon

Live show 

5th September 2015
supporting Ian McNabb

Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton 9pm

Live show

27th August 2016
as Louis Gordon with Graham Clark

The Ale Stop, Buxton 9pm

Live show 

10th September 2016
as Louis Gordon, supporting The Hanging Stars

PR: Louis Gordon – The bastard son of Stan Gits and Elephants Gerald, Shrewsbury’s adopted boy star. He was conceived in the recovery position in the store room of a Moog factory, and raised on box office donations.
His ten album collaboration and world tour with John Foxx got him nowhere, but he still brings his Folkadelic lucky bag to town. You are in for a rare treat .

The Whiteman, Shrewsbury 9pm

So there we were having the team photo with Louis Gordon and The Hanging Stars on the steps at the back of The Wightman when all of a sudden this guy stumbles in wearing a plastic horses head, he was a little unstable. Louis was all up for a scene from the Godfather being re-enacted but the guys from The Hanging Stars were more forgiving, especially as they have a horse of their own.
 After the sound check and a few sips of Lemon Dream the atmosphere began to build. Not even the last minute fixing of toilet doors could dampen the spirit. As the audience began to roll in we sensed a special night was about to take place. Haydn T, Mister DJ-tastic as we call him, tuned in his ‘vibes’ ear and got us underway with some ‘tunes’. The bar was filling and the beasts were mingling.
 Louis Gordon is eclectic, perhaps a little eccentric, multi-instrumental, multi-talented and a fisherman to boot! He interwove sounds like a 5 star Michelin chef would interweave flavours, we dribbled and salivated over cascading keyboards, drizzled with sweet vocals on a nutty base. Was it one long song with a fishing narrative or a medley of social commentary set to music? I’ll never be sure. Which would come first, sunrise or the end of Louis’s set? Louis had us all singing along to his final number ‘Black Spot’ and exited stage left to thunderous applause.
Short video of Louis in action

Live show
Oscillator #2
An evening of improvised electronica with my co conspirator Louis Gordon and myself, Roger Lyons. Basically, its very minimal programming beforehand so we made it up as we went along
3rd December 2016
Sounds from Roger Lyons and Louis Gordon
A random bunch of rum coves with no fixed lineup or abode.
I suppose I’m the instigator aided and abetted by the wonderful Louis Gordon (but neither of us are responsible for any psychological issues or loss of teeth/hair resulting from our sonic assault)
If u like folk music you probably won’t like this. If you like too many jazz chords you probably won’t like us either. If you like country and western, well, it’s game over.
The Ale House, Buxton
Listen to the set here:

Live show
Oscillator #3
25th February 2017
Sounds from Roger Lyons and Louis Gordon
The Ale House, Buxton
A non stop live improvised electronic musical journey using synths, keyboards, a vocoder, wireless and nearly a theremin if we had the room.

SUGARS Volume 1


Sixteen tracks by five of Sugarcane Recording’s highest profile artists, whose unique and modern styles reflect both the roots and future of electronic music, handpicked from the first five years of the label by ‘tastemakers’ Marcus Weekley and Ryan Dunlap.



SUGARS Volume 1‘s innovative and refreshing menu features :

Bloodgroup, an Icelandic darkwave four-piece (and an enlightening new name for me) who provide the main course, with five tracks from their wonderful debut album Tracing Echoes (March 2013). The highlight among these are menacing slo-mo remix of Mysteries Undone from December 2013’s Disquiet EP by renegade New York DJ Com Truise, and the floating upbeat Lines – a lighter, dance-oriented track cleverly interspersed with all manner of broken beats, crackles and interjections;

Gazelle Twin (aka Elizabeth Walling from Brighton) with two cases of paranormal activity from the Mammal EP (January 2013), her first new material since 2011’s critically acclaimed surreal debut The Entire City. Foremost among these is Clint Mansell’s sinister and threatening remix of the ethereal and slightly scary zenith This Is My Hand;

The purposeful revitalism of Processory, (Finland’s finest Jori Hulkkonen) who lift the atmosphere with a triptych from 2011’s Change Is Gradual abum – the clubland dance-track of Trickle Down and a stripped down, laid back remix of Young Italians by Canadian electro-pop producer Michael Silver aka CFCF, while Nightfall further re-imagines the futuristic pop visionaries of the 1980s.

Hulkkonen’s harder-edged aphex twin cousin Sin Cos Tan, offering two from 2012’s eponymous debut  and two from the follow-up album Afterlife (October 2103) – All I Ever Dream Of brings an inflexion of vintage Depeche Mode to the mix, while the insistent percussion of Ritual reflects the blue sunshine of Robert Smith and Steve Severin’s 1983 ‘Glove’ project

Shimmering among all these are two eloquent and brooding tracks from the European Spendour EP, Jori’s third interaction with the polymorphic godfather of electronica and Sugarcane special guest – John Foxx. These include the analogue synth-packed Strictly, and legendary filmmaker David Lynch’s sensual, sumptuous and smoky remix of lead song Evangeline.

The album as a collection presents in three phases, and shines throughout.

The authors describe it as their best work to date – it will doubtless be a landmark release and stands at a crucial interchange for those journeying through the labyrinthine retro-future of contemporary electronic music.

Epilogue :

The download version of this album comes with a serving of petits fours – two additional confectionaries from the nu-wave old-skool palate of Processory remixed by Hercules & Love Affair. First is a remix of Hulkonnen’s I Am Dead (from 2010’s I Am Dead), a track originally written for  the Man From Earth in 2009; and the final dish is a hands-in-the-air 909 drum-machine workout reprise of Trickle Down from the middle order.

Absolutely delicious.