SUGARS Volume 1


Sixteen tracks by five of Sugarcane Recording’s highest profile artists, whose unique and modern styles reflect both the roots and future of electronic music, handpicked from the first five years of the label by ‘tastemakers’ Marcus Weekley and Ryan Dunlap.



SUGARS Volume 1‘s innovative and refreshing menu features :

Bloodgroup, an Icelandic darkwave four-piece (and an enlightening new name for me) who provide the main course, with five tracks from their wonderful debut album Tracing Echoes (March 2013). The highlight among these are menacing slo-mo remix of Mysteries Undone from December 2013’s Disquiet EP by renegade New York DJ Com Truise, and the floating upbeat Lines – a lighter, dance-oriented track cleverly interspersed with all manner of broken beats, crackles and interjections;

Gazelle Twin (aka Elizabeth Walling from Brighton) with two cases of paranormal activity from the Mammal EP (January 2013), her first new material since 2011’s critically acclaimed surreal debut The Entire City. Foremost among these is Clint Mansell’s sinister and threatening remix of the ethereal and slightly scary zenith This Is My Hand;

The purposeful revitalism of Processory, (Finland’s finest Jori Hulkkonen) who lift the atmosphere with a triptych from 2011’s Change Is Gradual abum – the clubland dance-track of Trickle Down and a stripped down, laid back remix of Young Italians by Canadian electro-pop producer Michael Silver aka CFCF, while Nightfall further re-imagines the futuristic pop visionaries of the 1980s.

Hulkkonen’s harder-edged aphex twin cousin Sin Cos Tan, offering two from 2012’s eponymous debut  and two from the follow-up album Afterlife (October 2103) – All I Ever Dream Of brings an inflexion of vintage Depeche Mode to the mix, while the insistent percussion of Ritual reflects the blue sunshine of Robert Smith and Steve Severin’s 1983 ‘Glove’ project

Shimmering among all these are two eloquent and brooding tracks from the European Spendour EP, Jori’s third interaction with the polymorphic godfather of electronica and Sugarcane special guest – John Foxx. These include the analogue synth-packed Strictly, and legendary filmmaker David Lynch’s sensual, sumptuous and smoky remix of lead song Evangeline.

The album as a collection presents in three phases, and shines throughout.

The authors describe it as their best work to date – it will doubtless be a landmark release and stands at a crucial interchange for those journeying through the labyrinthine retro-future of contemporary electronic music.

Epilogue :

The download version of this album comes with a serving of petits fours – two additional confectionaries from the nu-wave old-skool palate of Processory remixed by Hercules & Love Affair. First is a remix of Hulkonnen’s I Am Dead (from 2010’s I Am Dead), a track originally written for  the Man From Earth in 2009; and the final dish is a hands-in-the-air 909 drum-machine workout reprise of Trickle Down from the middle order.

Absolutely delicious.


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