The Fallout Club – Still Dreaming

We’re the Dream Soldiers who’ll always be there
We’re the Dream Soldiers you’ll always love…

The Fallout Club’s  Dream Soldiers, originally released in the spring of 1981, is one of those classic singles most 80s muso’s seem to love but for some reason was never the massive hit it should have been.
Which of course leaves the track free to enjoy a richly deserved, somewhat enigmatic cult status. It’s a big step forward from the band’s synthpop debut of six month’s earlier, though that simple track too (Falling Years) is another favourite of mine and was similarly overlooked in those fickle times.

I’m a big fan of singer Trevor Herion, a young Irishman with a distinctive voice and style. His album ‘Beauty Life’ (Interdisc 1983) is a gem and well worth checking out if you can find a copy. And graced by a Peter Saville cover too, as if that weren’t endorsement enough…

Before that recording though, Herion was discovered and astutely recruited by drummer Paul Simon for his band The Civilians and recorded one single with them on Arista (Made For Television, featuring Hans Zimmer), before joining synth-meister Thomas Dolby and bassist Matthew Seligman at Paul’s Happy Birthday Records as The Fallout Club.

And here they are again. Still dreaming, and still sounding just as romantic and cool as they ever did. Paul Simon has done a wonderful job remixing and digitally remastering the track, retaining the melody and atmosphere of the original among new layers of guitar and voice provided by his colleagues in AjantaMusic – guitarist and ever-understated prince of plectra Robin Simon and soprano Gina Watson. Her operatic backing vocals complement the richness of Herion’s mournful crooning perfectly, and Robin’s fretwork takes the song into another dimension altogether. He’s given even more space to play, perchance to dream, in the Alternative Mix, weaving around Dolby’s confident synths with a sensitive balance of lead and echo.

There’s a delicious clarity to Herion’s haunting vocal too that the original lacks, and (perhaps as you’d expect) the persistent drum that holds it all together is higher in the mix. For those familiar with the original – included on this EP as the second track – the extended ending of Paul’s remix is a refreshing twist.

Rest easy. If you loved the Fallout Club and the Dream Soldiers then, be assured that you always will, as AjantaMusic effectively deliver on Herion’s original promise.

Dream Soldiers (Paul Simon & AjantaMusic remix) EP is available now–The-Fallout-Club.aspx


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