There is silence in the city
You can almost hear it breathe
Behind the hum of the milkman
And the hum of his van
Here comes a wave…

Did you say I used to work here?
Are you sure?
It’s hardly changed
But what does that matter now
Without you and all your
Seventeen years beside me
Let them stare
I cannot dare not care
For you can sing
And they can hardly read
It’s good of you to come
You’ve put on weight since we last met but
I remember those shoes

Why can’t I love you?
Is it because the trees stand like pillars of rock
Pitted by the tide
Or is it (more likely) because you are
My daughter’s sister?

See that bench opposite the lab?
I held you there
Underneath the summer trees that burn with secrets
Secrets which hang like fruit between the leaves
Purple and full
Soft as poison

Inside plastic blue chairs
Stacked in seeing rows
Remember when we pushed them over
And they fell like dominoes?
We broke in one night
In April drunk
Beyond compare
You had those yellow sandals
And flowers in your hair

Concert halls and galleries
Theatres and bars
Tidal streets like rivers
Now dry without the cars
They’ve called this place “Lovers’ Walk”
I almost laughed out loud
Cash points gape like baby birds

Between these quiet buildings bathed in orange
I feel an early rain upon my face
Or is just another memory
Your tears, this place?
Pigeons occupy in the eaves
Where your laughter used to hide
And I’m drinking Cider with Katherine
On the other side of time
An deserted swimming pool
With no scars
And no public right of way
There’s scaffold all over The Chaplaincy
So where have they put God?


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