New life at Old Street

Plans have just been announced to re-open the derelict Listening Station at OLD STREET on the METATRONIC Line.

The site (which has been overgrown since 1979) will be re-developed and mobilised by infracolour as ‘B-MOVIE’, a pseudo-dubstep analogue pathogenome later this month.
B-MOVIE is to be one of two new Listening Stations being considered for the NEW KIND OF MAP John Foxx Infographic developed by Birdsong Developments in 2013.

The company intends to install a multi-million dollar Loop Extension to the perpendicular service currently operating on the COLLABORATOR’s Line as a result of a significant increase in traffic over recent months. This will involve re-purposing the current facilities at D.N.A. to accommodate visually-enhanced users. The new Loop Extension will connect the Listening Stations at ‘A SECRET LIFE’ and ‘D.N.A.’ In accordance with terms of the D’Agostino Agreement, a brand new time transfusion will be opened on the Loop at ‘EVIDENCE OF TIME TRAVEL’. Designed by D’Agostino, and using over a million pixels of hand-painted film, the Station will span forty years of Sinister Architecture in a moment and open simultaneously with the re-developed facilities at B-MOVIE just a mile to the south-east.

Time travellers, audiophiles and Foxxhunters should expect some minor disruption to services on the METATRONIC,  METADELIC and COLLABORATOR  Lines while the facilities at ‘D.N.A.’ are upgraded, and inevitable delays at A SECRET LIFE and INTERPLAY as a consequence of this upgrade.
Birdsong Developments offer no excuse for this and hope instead that visitors to A SECRET LIFE in particular will find their Foxxian molecules enhanced by a prolonged stay. The company is installing a temporary Art Gallery and Water Feature at this Listening Station to entertain delayed passengers. INTERPLAY will remained unaltered, but A Guy Called Roland from down the market has agreed to come in and play a few tunes on request.

Do not adjust your set. The author is beyond psychiatric help.

Here is a picture issued by Birdsong Developments that shows the proposed changes



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