Listening Station developments – update 03.01.15

Meanwhile, due to unforeseen complications involving a ghost, services to Gazelle Twin and Tara Busch are temporarily suspended.
Passengers requiring I SPEAK MACHINE, UNFLESH and THE ENTIRE CITY are advised to change at EXPONENTIALISM

While considering how best to accommodate developments at ‘Old Street’ (putting the B MOVIE – BALLARDIAN VIDEO NEURONICA project in between D.N.A. and INTERPLAY) things started to look a bit sticky given the fragile geology in that area. Especially that it has such a ridiculous long name and requires investment in a new drill…

So User Statistics relating to the nearby ‘Analogue Circuit’ line have been re-assessed and some discrepancies were discovered in the labelling of Listening Stations on the south-east branch. Further questions were then asked of their associated relevance and the involvement of Birdsong Developments in their future

Over the last 18 months, visitors in particular to Gazelle Twin have increased significantly, establishing an independent subset of service users that no longer connect directly with Foxx. This has lead to significant developments in the Gazelle Twin sector and the emergence of Self-replicating Architecture. The time machines on the Trans-Foxxy Express were no longer being used with enough frequency to keep the Listening Station open. With Tara Busch Ltd operating the I Speak Machine franchise effectively overseas during the same time period. Birdsong Developments felt it no longer necessary to maintain that Listening Station either, though the company will maintain (at least in the short-term) a stakeholder presence in both enterprises.

So the decision has been taken to close both GAZELLE TWIN and TARA BUSCH Listening Stations, with all services on Analogue Circuit eastbound going to direct to EXPONENTIALISM. Cost savings as a result of these closures will be invested into the exploration of the ancient tunnel recently discovered at Old Street…

New escalators, elevators and improved signage will direct users to a state-of-the-art Interchange Portal enabling a direct Fusion Link to Pilfershire Lane and subsequently The Entire City


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