Labyrinth of hidden stations discovered


In November last year, Birdsong Developments (operator of the John Foxx Listening Station network) revealed that one of its engineers, presumed missing in action, had been found safe and well in a Northamptonshire woodland…

Lost since 1978, that same engineer has now unveiled to the company the result of his journey wandering the maze of tunnels hidden underground, some of which have been derelict for centuries. Mr X (his identify cannot be revealed for legal reasons) has also given details of some Listening Stations that were not previously known to exist and which the company is now keen investigate, with a long-term view towards re-commissioning…


“It’s like a hidden world” he said. “I thought that was it when I fell through that doorway at Old Street, but I just got bumped around a bit on the way down and knocked meself out. When I came to, I was a bit disorientated and started wandering. There’s probly as many miles of tunnel down there that we don’t know about as what we’ve used. Even stations. There’s not just tracks and tunnels, but stations too. Or at least places where we could built some easily enough, where the tunnels cross over ‘n’ that’…”

Since he disappeared, Mr X has spent more than thirty years adrift in this underworld labyrinth, most of which would seem to be located in the north west sector of the existing Foxx network. The tunnels would appear to be on different levels to those Listening Stations open and active on The Quiet Line, occupying strata quite considerably deeper below the city.

“I thought I was in a Jules Verne novel,” Mr X continued. “y’know, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ‘n’ that. Most exciting I reckon was when I followed this tunnel and realised it was starting to get light. I was going downwards I’m sure, but all of a sudden I stepped into something what seemed like a cave, only there was sunlight coming through the ceiling. There was plants growing in it, and when me eyes got used to the light I realised it was a roof, not a ceiling. Knackered like, broken up ‘n’ that, but being an engineer, see, it didn’t take me long to notice them was purlins up there. I sat down. It was amazing. All overgrown, but green as y’ like. Damp, with water still trickling down a wall at the far end.”


Mr X report goes on to describe what he found the other side of this vast, underground hall, and how he came above ground again to the sound of Nightingales. Once breathing fresh air, he was able to transmit (on his mobile telephonic device) the signal that eventually led to his discovery and rescue…


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