Foxxtober 2015 – London Overgrown 2

The Beautiful Ghost

If anything, this second track on London Overgrown is a closer relative to ‘Oceanic’ than the album’s opening sequence. The violin string phrases, recurrent and echoing. Haunting the Highgate Cemetery, a fugue of string patterns repeating as Bach and Beethoven re-imagined (as The Electricity Club so eloquently suggest) and re-purposed for the 23rd Century.

John Foxx Beautiful Ghost is female, and we see her drifting through walls of apartments in a torn dress of faded grey. Dancing lonely to a gramophone she came across in an empty drawing room. Mournfully swaying and revolving in the longing arms of an imaginary lover. A tall man in a simple dark suit. We do not see his face. A breeze disturbs the room. Curtains blowing, and in a moment she has disappeared. Crumbled, dissolving – dust on his sleeve.

He crosses to the window, but sees only the ash of smoke fairies descending among the leaves. A street lamp, festooned with ivy and cobwebs dimly lights the place where he once walked, a Georgian grove in Hampstead. A smile drifts across his face at the memory but she is Already Gone…


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