A New Kind Of Map – Network development update

The 2015 revision of the John Foxx infographic A New Kind of Map is now well into production and should be available within two weeks. The new (second) edition incorporates the material released on Metamatic Records over the past two years – from The Good Shadow album in February 2014 (which will open as a new Listening Station on the Analogue Circuit) to the exclusive track Lincoln Street (on the compilation soundtrack album Blue Velvet Revisited). The revised edition will include Evidence of Time Travel and B-Movie: Ballardian Video Neuronica for the first time as part of a full reprint. Both Listening Stations were completed in February 2015 and announced in this press statement

New Life At Old Street


The above graphic shows how the derelict station at Old Street was scheduled to re-open as B-Movie. After careful consideration and extensive research, the former Old Street site is now open as Evidence Of Time Travel, and B-Movie instead is a brand new facility on the Collaboration Loop connecting from the extended and improved Listening Station at D.N.A.

Earlier this year, Birdsong Developments Inc revealed that one of its engineers, missing in action since 1978, had been found safe and well in a Northamptonshire woodland. Mr X (his identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons) disappeared while excavating Old Street and gave details of derelict Listening Stations that were not previously known to exist, to which he was guided by the song of  a Nightingale… Most of these stations are located in the north west sector of the existing Foxx network. The tunnels were located on different levels to The Quiet Line, occupying strata quite considerably deeper below the city.

Labyrinth of Hidden Stations Discovered

The company has invested considerably in re-opening these Listening Stations and connecting them to the existing network, opening new facilities at Codex and Lincoln Street, accessed via the post-digital hauntological portal complex at London Overgrown.

abandoned-Helensburgh-railway-station-Australia  Aldwych-Abandoned-Tube-Station_151-710x477

Entrance and access tunnel to the listening station at London Overgrown, as discovered by Mr X, c.1979
Prior to modernisation signage and facility improvements

As all sense of direction and position disappears once underground, it is not always easy to determine the exact location (in time or space) of other Listening Stations – many of which link to the same network of influential and connective icons within the mainstream complex. For example, during the installation of a vinyl-pressing plant at Lincoln Street, sounds were captured during an unmanned overnight recording period leading researchers to detect the presence of film-maker David Lynch. This ‘ghost harmonic’ subtext revealed a closer proximity to the existing service in the eastern sector (at European Splendour) than was previously considered possible. Capital analysts and Duplex personnel in the company’s research office are now working on a project that enables time travellers to ‘teleport’ easily between one and the other. This will be facilitated by the company’s pioneering SIFT  (Super 8mm Interactive Film Transportation) process – the installation of liquid silver screens that can be walked into, providing direct access to the Noir Dimension – a tangible manifestation of Foxx’s theoretical movie library implant neurone. Alain Resnais, Chris Marker, Makoto Teska and Ian Sinclair are among the first-phase of Cybertron Julies approached to pilot SIFT  capsules, fuelled by psychedelic inference generated at the Sellafield Sneer plant (just a few blocks from the Crash And Burn station in Detroit).

SIFT ™ will ultimately be installed at every station on the network, enabling travellers to move between Listening Stations by unconscious association. The realisation of Birdsong Developments’ Shimmer Passport ™ (in association with Foxx DNA Industries) will facilitate access to the entire Particle Foundation Index in a single purchase, available from Tesco during 2017.

Free prototype passports are already available in selected copies of the Glimmer, 20th Century and Metatronic compilations.