A Man, A Woman, A City And A River

This tidal city
So quiet, so wide;
My life, my memories
Drift on the tide

The flow of the traffic
The bridges, the sky;
Skyscraper sunlight
And just you and I –

A man and a woman
The dockside, the beach;
Misted horizons
that spin out of reach

Transport and trade;
Dawn on the river
to shimmer and fade

The buildings,
the boardwalks
The hum of the train

Light on the water
We’re meeting
Together again

A man and a woman
Well, that’s you and me
The trees and apartments –
Your city, my sea

Travelling in taxis
on boats and by bus;
A meal on the quayside
Grey nature, and us

The churches,the carparks
The smells and the signs
Engines and factories
And overhead lines

Low houses, tall pylons
Smoke perfume and clouds
Overgrown pathways
The debris of crowds

The sunshine, the cold air
As time turns around –
You are this morning,
And I am this town



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