An archivist’s dilemma

This whole advert query was resolved on 28th April 2017 when I received scans from Javier of each respective page of NME and Melody Maker.
These pages confirm that all my sourcing is correct, and further confirm that indeed there were TWO adverts for the LYCEUM gig in the same edition of NME of December 9th 1978.

Left – page 42                                                     Right – page 47

1978-12-009lyceum002  1978-12-009lyceum

There were a whole series of adverts for the ULTRAVOX gig at THE LYCEUM in London on Sunday 10th December 1978, published in the UK music press for up to three weeks ahead of the show.
I have copies of (most) of them, but of course they are not all dated and sourced.

Seemed appropriate on the anniversary of the show to try and comprehensively sort them out. More information comes to light all the time, and I am always learning.

25th November 1978


This is the first one, sourced from Bored Teenagers with thanks from Mike Chilton on Twitter. I have no reason to doubt this is from SOUNDS but there is no evidence in the image to confirm the source.
Lists THE SKIDS and SNIPS as support bands.

Were similar listings published in the other papers on this date? Seems likely.

2nd December 1978

1978-12-002mm_new  1978-12-002nme_new

These next two are confirmed as correctly sourced and dated.
The image on the left I found myself and scanned in the British Library archive from MELODY MAKER – the typography of the header ‘Entertainment Guide’ is distinctive.
The image on the right is sourced from Simon Dell at Encyclopedia Electronica and was published in NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS

Was there a similar ad in Sounds this week, and how doe sit differ?

Note that MM lists Mekons supporting Rezillos and has Undertones on the same line
Note there is no exclamation mark against ULTRAVOX in either magazine (cp Sounds, above) and that each advert lists Angletrax in support as well as Snips

9th December 1978

1978-12-009lyceum002  1978-12-009lyceum

This is where it gets interesting.

The date is correct – the ULTRAVOX gig has moved to the top of the column
I am reasonably confident that BOTH these two advertisements come from NME because the format of the date and page number headers are consistent with that paper (thanks to ConorMc on Twitter). However it is extremely unlikely that there would have been TWO LYCEUM ads in the same edition – or is it?
The image on the left is from the outside right of Page 57 (page numbers in NME were always on the outside of the pages, furthest from the margin).
The image in the right is positioned on the inside right of a left-hand page (the tearing is from the gutter).
Both adverts have other other material (adverts) to the left of them

So – assuming there was only one listing in NME on this date, one of these ads must be from a different source. But the page headers for NME, SOUNDS and MELODY MAKER all list the magazine title in the corners, which would show in these scans.
Only NME puts the magazine title in the CENTRE of its page headers.
The font is consistent with NME too, so I favour that source…

Which raises the question – who played on 17th December and would therefore be expected appear below ULTRAVOX in the column?? The left image (above) clearly has no listing for 17th December. The image on the right however suggests a listing which this new scan shows more clearly:


Look at the small right-hand scan again, and you can see it is cropped sufficiently to see this advert for the DAVID JOHANSEN GROUP underneath ULTRAVOX. The dot pattern and part of the lettering are just visible.

And yet these are clearly not the same article. The large scan (above) shows other information to the right of the advert, so it is positioned differently on the page in whatever publication appears.


Another visit to the British Library archive will sort out 9th December listings easily enough. It would seem there are three. This would make sense, as the ad would have appeared in Melody Maker, Sounds and NME.
But for now – which is which?