Ultravox US Tour November 1979

During my research into Ultravox tour of America with John Foxx in Feb/March 1979 (and for the sake of completeness) I have been looking into the band’s second visit to the States a few months later, in November 1979.

I can’t find a record of these anywhere online that corresponds, so I’ll leave it here and add dates as and when. If you can add dates or corrections, do let me know.
Especially with anecdotes or evidenced by adverts, listings, tickets etc

Thanks (especially to Simon Dell)


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Midge Ure and Billy Currie – University of Maryland, December 1979 © Grudnick

Ultravox with Midge Ure, USA November 1979

01 November – Cascade, Shrewsbury UK (support: Last Gang)
02 November – Eric’s, Liverpool UK (support: Modern Airs)
03 November – Porterhouse, Retford UK

?? November – Caird Hall, Dundee

09 November – Hot Club, Philadephia (support: the Cheaters)
10 November – Hot Club, Philadephia (support: the Cheaters)
11 November – My Father’s Place, Roslyn NY

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13 November – Electric Factory, Philadelphia


Note how the poster references the original line-up of the band. By all accounts, many fans were surprised that Ultravox did not announce they had a new singer for this (second) tour and many were expecting to see John Foxx

14 November – Hurrah, Manhattan NY (support: Dark Day)

16 November – Paradise Theater, Boston MA (support: Motels)
17 November – Paradise Theater, Boston MA (support: Motels)
19 November – 80s Club, Ottawa Canada
22 November – Bookies 870, Detroit MI
23 November – Bookies 870, Detroit MI

26 November – Harry Hopes, Cary IL
27 November – Park West IL (support: Motels)
28 November – B’Ginnings, Schaumburg, IL

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29 November – Palms, Milwaukee WI

?? November – Euphoria, Portland OR

Scowl: Ultravox forum, December 2010 – We rarely get snow here but damned if we didn’t get a snowstorm that shut the city down the night they were here.

04 December – Old Waldorf, San Francisco CA – two shows
05 December – Lawrence Opera House, Kansas City (supporting Buzzcocks)

BUZZCOCKS ULTRAVOX 1979.pngScreen Shot 2018-09-08 at 10.03.36.png

Some sources suggest that Buzzcocks (not Ultravox) played this venue on this date, supported by the Cramps??
06 December – Norman Boomer Theatre, Oklahoma City (supporting Buzzcocks)

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08 December – Agora Ballroom, Atlanta GA (support: New Blood)
?? December – University of Maryland, College Park MD
12 December – Club 57, Irving Plaza, NY
13 December – Club 57, Irving Plaza, NY
14 December – Dooley’s, Phoenix AZ
18 December – Squeeze, Riverside CA
27 December – Cuckoo’s Nest, Costa Mesa CA

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28 December – Whisky-a-Go-Go, Hollywood CA
29 December – Whisky-a-Go-Go, Hollywood CA
30 December – Whisky-a-Go-Go, Hollywood CA (support: Great Buildings)
31 December – Whisky-a-Go-Go, Hollywood CA (support: Alleycats)

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