A Walk Through F

Over the summer of 2015, I completed the first draft of a manuscript I have been working on for three years, something that approximates to biography of John Foxx.

Provisionally titled INFINITE IN ALL DIRECTIONS, the “book” – which exists in the form of a timeline at the moment –  runs to 955,000 words and covers over 800 pages. I started researching in in 2003 after the Scala gig with Louis Gordon

This blog is an idea I had to monitor developments to the timeline as I work it up and undergo editorial revision and changes.

I have included (at least to start with) all the other peripheral Foxxian activity that I get up to in the hope that one day it will all make sense and that I can trace how I got to the eventual end. Wherever that might take me…


19 February 2018

Added THE CURE’s LAMENT to the material recorded at The Garden studio.
This demo version (released exclusively on green flexi-disc for Flexipop magazine) was recorded by Robert Smith and Steve Severin. Thanks to Carol Ponte.

7 February 2018

Media Archive
 – Review of Systems Of Romance in Lowell Sun newspaper, MA. February 1979
2401 – Review of Systems Of Romance in The Heights – Boston independent Student newspaper. January 1979
2400 – News of Ultravox forthcoming US tour in Monahans News, Texas. january 1979

6 February 2018

Media Archive
 – Review of Underpass (Let Down of The Week) in Peroxide fanzine (February 1980)

4 February 2018

Dangerous Rhythm single released on Island records (February, 1977)

2 February 2018

Forming an archive of IN THE CITY magazines. Lots of previously unseen Ultravox content in various issues, including adverts for a Fanclub based in Essex

Progressing Part I of the book with renewed vigour. Editing and introducing footnotes.

29 January 2018

Media Archive
2398 – John Foxx posts an obituary to Mark E Smith on Facebook

25 January 2018

Media Archive
2397 – CF identifies two photographs of John Foxx (set in farmland near Henley) featured in Japan’s Rockin’ F Magazine (November 1983)

18 January 2018

38th Anniversary of the release of Metamatic. Tweeted with advert for the album from In The City 13 (Feb 1980)

Media Archive
2394 – 2396 JM identifies two Swedish and one Swiss fanzine with articles on Ultravox. All are unseen, except the front covers.

Media Archive
2393 – On Cardiff Up Yours fanzine (issue 1, Feb 1978) contains a review of Ha! Ha! Ha!

17 January 2018

Began a project to source and search through all 20 issues of In the City magazine after downloading issue 4 and finding material not previously referenced.

Media Archive
2390 – Issue 4 of In The City c.October 1977 contains a review of Rockwrok by Graham Newsom. He doesn’t like it, and apologies to editor Frank Drake.
The same issue also contains an advert for an Ultravox! fan club in Essex, which I was previously unaware of. Exchanged with two people who were members to ask what they could remember.
2391 – Issue 5 of In The City contains a page on Ultravox! written by Frank Drake, championing the band and complaining about their treatment in the media
2392 – Issue 6 of In The City c. June 1978 conayins a WARNING to fans that this issue has no feature on Ultravox. The article advises that the band are recording a new album and suggests three of the song titles.

16 January 2018

Live Archive
Venues established for both new Sweden gigs, courtesy of archivists at The Clash, who played the same places two week’s ahead of Ultravox!

Researching these turned up further informative fanzine collections with items for the Media Archive
2389 – Peroxide #1 (Reigate, Surrey) reviewed UNDERPASS (February 1980)

15 January 2018

Further information from a Birmingham art gallery regarding Denis Masi exhibition in 1980/81

Live Archive (three dates added):
18 October 1977 – Jönköping, Sweden
22 October 1977 – Ronneby, Sweden
23 October 1977 – Daddy’s Dancehall, Copenhagen

The latter is the first (and only) known gig in Denmark. 

14 January 2018

Media Archive
2388 – Newspaper clipping supplied by archivist at Dad’s Dancehall in Malmo, to whom I supplied poster of the Ultravox gig relating to a book in progress. Expressen newspaper lists FIVE performances in Sweden on the October 1977 tour.
Three of these are new to the Live Archive!

3 January 2018

Barnbrook – TQM book still under consideration, and new content submitted for review

New Year 2018

Researched exhibitions by Denis Masi and established that Foxx did write a soundtrack for his Hidden Signs installation which toured various galleries between 1980 and 1982.
Prompted thus to contact various galleries and get in touch with the artist

Discussed progress on Archive, interviews and Cathedral Oceans with RH, currently undertaking a project to establish the use and frequency of CO images throughout Foxx career. For my part, a list of all audio interviews to be curated.

Also submitted 2017 Year Summary for the website:

  1. A shift in the trajectory. It’s 1909. Imagine if you can a small room, hexagonal in shape, like the cell of a bee… Hive Frequency prevails, only the voice escaped; instrumental album remained unscathed. Delightful glitch in the sequencing. Fractured by irrational juxtapositions. Cars in the garden. Can’t see the forest for the trees. Vocal adrift on its outward journey. Turn left at Cadogan Hall. 1983? Another green world. Like jazz, but without the clichés.


Christmas 2017

Took a week’s ‘free trial’ subscription to Newspapers.com which resulted in the acquisition of over 40 new pieces for the Media Archive, mostly from American and Australian sources.

While the majority of these were listings and gig announcements from various States, it also uncovered a handful of reviews and two interviews.

Foremost among these were two items that prompted further research:

  • Several Australian Radio listings indicate that an interview with John Foxx was broadcast in October 1979
  • The Guardian (6 May 1982) ‘Gallery Briefing’ lists an exhibition by Denis Masi at a gallery in London that features ‘soundtrack by John Foxx’

20 November 2017

Media archive
2331 – Marquee advert for Ultravox on New Years Eve in Melody Maker (1977)

Roundhouse gigs on 9th October 1977 scheduled XTC in support but they did not play after bassist found to be suffering form nervous exhaustion. XTC cancelled four gigs this week.
Enquiry submitted to new online archive at the Bolton Octagon re: 1973

19 November 2017

Media archive
2329 – 4-page new interview in Prog magazine, asking the question “How prog is John Foxx” (December 2017, issue 82)
2330 – Review of Outward Journeys in Prog magazine (December 2017, issue 82)

18 November 2017

2322 / 2323 – Reviews of Outward Journeys at Boomkat and Raven Sings The Blues

17 November 2017

Follow up with Canadian DJ Bobby Gale with contact details for Gary Topp, a personal friend who booked Ultravox at The Edge (Toronto 1979) and championed the band in Canada at the time

John Foxx performed the premier of Tiny Colour Movies at Duke of York Picturehouse in Brighton (2006)

15 November 2017

Ultravox performed their last gig in mainland Europe at Rose BonBon (Paris, 1978)

12 November 2017

2224 – Factory records newsletter referrig to SOR and Peter Saville
2225 / 2226 – 1977 adverts from NME listing Ultravox! at the Marquee and The Nashville
2327 – Interview with Ingeborg Scholer conducted in 1977 after a TV performance in Munich, and published in Musikexpress (July 1977)
2328 – John Fox [sic] listed in Histoire del Rock (El Pais, Spain. 1985)

11 November 2017

Studied the musikexpress archive and identified 14 new pieces of media not currently listed in the archive. Site is in German, so I need to work out how to open an account

7 November 2017

Anniversary – Ultravox played at Kant Kino in Berlin (1978)

6 November 2017

Anniversary of the release of From Trash (2006)

5 November 2017

Media archive
2321 – Photograph of John Foxx with a new ‘sculpture’ in his France studio. They are not sculptures, but plaster casts…?

Anniversary of the release of Electrofear (Nation 12, 2005)

Anniversary – John Foxx played Expo Hall in Osaka (1983)
At which he closed the set with an ‘untitled’ song that has never been released

Anniversary – Ultravox played Markthalle in Hamburg (1978)

Anniversary – Ultravox! played at Festsaal in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany (1977)

3 November 2017

Release – Outward Journeys by Belbury Circle (Ghostbox)
Featuring Forgotten Town and Trees, two new songs with synth and vocals by John Foxx

Anniversary – Ultravox! played at Münsterlandhalle in Münster (1978)

Anniversary – Ultravox! played at

2 November 2017

Biography – Another new gig added to the archive. Centre Culturel de Chenee in Belgium, 13 November 1978. Fits perfectly between gigs in Germany and Paris

Confirmation that in April 1977, Ultravox did not play in Belgium but at The Rockin ‘Club in Forest National

Also confirmation that Ultravox! did NOT ever play at Peterborough Technical College

Anniversary – Ultravox! first live gig at Kant Kino in Berlin  (1977)

1 November 2017

Anniversary – Ultravox! first live gig in Germany at Bürgerhaus am Markt in Ortenberg  (1977)

Media archive – 
2320 – Poster from Nottingham University (February 1977)

Biography – This gig has been identified before, but never dated correctly until I discovered this poster on the alumni website. While researching this, I came upon the following note: Ultravox – Peterborough Technical College – 1977?
another gig to track down!!

21 October 2017

Anniversary – John Foxx at Dominion Theatre, London 1983 (my first time seeing him live)

Media archive – 
2318 – Photos and article from ‘Atem’ fanzine #1.10 (France, April 1977)
2319 – Band profile in ‘Atem’ magazine #2.1 (France, December 1978)

20 October 2017

Anniversaries –
1977 – Ultravox! play at Gota Lejon, Stockholm
1978 – Release of Quiet Men single, the last with Ultravox
1983 – John Foxx cancelled Sheffield Leadmill

Media archive – 
2317 – Peter Saville’s poster (FAC 3) for a JD/CV event at The Factory in October 1978
Directly credited as being ‘simultaneous to’ the SOR album cover design in a Factory newsletter

13 October 2017

Media archive
2315 – Review of The Machine by Fat Roland in Electronic Sound #34
2316 – Interview with John Foxx on The Machine in Electronic Sound #34

12 October 2017

Media archive
2314 – John Foxx presents a 40-minute mix of Harold Budd for The Vinyl Factory

10 October 2017

Anniversary of John Foxx return to live performance – Southampton (1997)

Media archive – two retrospective pieces relating to the above gig
2312 – Brook flyer (and ticket) listing simply ‘John Foxx’ (September 1997)
This is one of my ‘holy grail’ media items, and I am grateful to RH for locating a copy. I did not attend the gig, or even know it was happening, despite living only a few metres round the corner.
Of especial interest is that Foxx is listed simply by his name. The Brook habitually described acts on their listings (e.g. Colin Blunstone, ex-Zombie) but have resisted – or been instructed?? to NOT list ex-Ultravox
2313 – Copy of handwritten setlist for the Exotour (October 1997)

9 October 2017

Media archive – two retrospective pieces
2310 – Interview with Billy Currie for G-Force Software, in which he describes his part in several early Ultravox! songs (April 2017)
2311 – Interview in The Guardian with Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields) in which he describes always wanting to be like John Foxx (March 2017)

8 October 2017

Media archive – two retrospective pieces for the same gig in Malmo (October 1977)
2308 – Venue flyer for Dad’s Dancehall listing 5 English punk bands (inc Ultravox)
2309 – Ultravox poster for the Dad’s Danchall gig

Biography – 
Learned of both support bands for the Malmö gig, and found anecdote from one of them

Anniversary of Ultravox gig at the Stage Coach in Dumfries (1978)
Anniversary of a gig at Cargo in Camden with Louis Gordon (2007)

7 October 2017

Published next chapter in 40 Years Of Foxx 

Anniversary of the cancelled Ultravox!gig at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, 1977)
Anniversary of the release of the ROckwrok single (1977)
Anniversary of Ultravox gig at Unity Hall in Wakefield (1978)
Anniversary of a gig at Brighton Barfly with Louis Gordon (2007)

Biography –
Edited a transcription of the lyrics to 83 Foxx & I (Magnetic Fields) and followed up two references therein

4 October 2017

An evening catching up with retrospective items in the Media Archive

2301 – Image on FB of a promotional poster for In Mysterious Ways (Sept 1985)
2302 – Article on Ultravox in German Fanzine No Fun (Oct 1978)
2303 – Article on Ultravox in German Fanzine Pretty Vacant (Oct 1978)
2304 – Advert for Ultravox! (and others) at Leeds Poly in New Pose fanzine (Sept 1977)
2305 – Advert for The Golden Section in Number One magazine (October 1983)
2306 – Overlooked these extracts of the new material with Belbury Circle at Soundcloud
2307 – Article by Stephen Mallinder in Sheffield fanzine Horn references Underpass

1 October 2017

Media archive
2300 –  Interview with John Foxx on his latest projects at RockCult (Russia)

30 September 2017

Biography –
Karborn (via instagram) posts three new photographs of recent ‘head’ sculptures by John Foxx, taken at his studio in France

29 September 2017

Media archive
2299 Ransom Note publish a track-by-track guide to The Machine by John Foxx

25 September 2017

Media archive
2296 – Photographer Brian Griffin releases promos of his new book ‘Pop’ including a commentary on his work with John Foxx in 1983
2297 – Retrospective interview Ballad of a Thin Man in the Hot Press (Dublin, Nov 1983)
2298 – Review of  The Machine + Translucence/Drift Music/Nighthawks at The Arts Desk

24 September 2017

Anniversary of the release of Evidence (2012)

23 September 2017

Anniversary of Ultravox gigs at Eric’s in Liverpool in both 1977 and 1978

22 September 2017

Media archive
2293 – Review of The Machine by Ange Chan at We Are Cult
2294 – Review of The Machine by Stephen Dalton in Uncut (November 2017)
2295 – Review of The Machine by Keiron Tyler in Mojo (November 2017)

Hannah Peel releases her third studio album ‘Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia’ on real World records, to widespread critical acclaim.
John Foxx responds via Twitter:
“Looks like this is the one Hannah! Great to see your work getting the attention it deserves.”

Release: The Machine released worldwide (amazon etc)

21 September 2017

Media archive
2292 – The Quietus presents a track-by-track guide to Translucence / Drift Music / Nighthawks by John Foxx

20 September 2017

Media archive
2290 – Review of  Translucence / Drift Music / Nighthawks by Jamie at Vinyl Chapters
2291 – News from Cherry Red Records of a 5-disc Post-Punk compilation, featuring
Young Savage (Track 1 of 111)

16 September 2017

Media archive
2289 – New interview with John Foxx by Keith How at Penny Black Music

15 September 2017

Steve Lamacq at BBC6 Music plays No-One Driving on his 4pm afternoon show

Gary Numan releases his twenty-first studio album ‘Savage: Songs From A Broken World’ on BMG, which enters the UK album chart at No. 2, his highest profile since 1980.
John Foxx responds via Twitter:
“To Gary & Gemma & Ade. Superb! Well done everyone. Good to see you high in the charts again, Gary.”

Anniversary of an Ultravox gig at The Penthouse in Scarborough (1978)

Anniversary of the release of Evidence Of Time Travel (2014)

14 September 2017

Media archive
2288 – Retrospective. Photo of John by Herbie Yamaguchi in Rockin’ F (Japan, 1980)

11 September 2017

Media archive
2284 – Review of London Overgrown by Mike Barnes in the Wire (November 2015)
2285 – News of The Virgin Years in Record Collector (September 2014)
2286 – Review of B-Movie and Evidence Of Time Travel in the same piece by Ian Shirley in Record Collector (November 2014)
2287 – News from Ghostbox in the form of a published tracklist for The Belbury Circle album Outward Journeys. John Foxx features on Trees and Forgotten Town

10 September 2017

Media archive
2283 – Review of The Machine at Louder than War

Noticed online today that both iTunes and Boomkat list the new the album from The Belbury Circle for pre-order, pending official release on 3rd November. 

8 September 2017

Anniversary of the release of Systems Of Romance (1978)
prompting some discussion of the release date, shown on Three Into One as 12th Sept

Media archive
2282 – Retrospective addition. Review of the Harold Budd boxset at Classic Rock

Release of John Foxx / Harold Budd / Ruben Garcia boxset 3-disc vinyl

40 Years of Foxx update – September 1977

6 September 2017

Sad news – the death of Holger Czukay

4 September 2017

Media archive
2281 – Retrospective. Advert for Metamatic / Underpass confirmed in NME (Feb 1980)
2280 – Retrospective. Advert for Metamatic at WHSmith in NME (Feb 1980)

Release of Nation 12’s Electrofear (no specific date known)

BCB Art Gallery updates homepage with John Foxx artwork

3 September 2017

Anniversary of John Foxx performance of Europe – After The Rain on Top of The Pops (1981)

2 September 2017

Anniversary of Ultravox performance at Canet Festival (Spain, 1978)

1 September 2017

Media archive
2279 – Extensive new interview The Disobedient Machine at Post Punk in USA

Plus follow-up with PS confirmation that John recorded material with Robin Simon at Benge’s place earlier ‘several months ago’

29 August

Anniversary of the release of Your Dress (1983)

Anniversary of most UK press reviews of Europe- After the Rain (9181)

26 August

Media archive
2277 A Beginners Guide to Jori Hulkkonen by Chi Ming Lai makes several references to Hulkkonen’s work with John Foxx
2278 – An overlooked review of The Machine for flipside by Paul Pledger (March 2017)

25 August

Further discussion with RH about the presentation of A New Kind Of Map at metamatic.com

Tweeted the anniversary of the release of Translucence + Drift Music (2003)

24 August

Media archive
2276 – Advert for Metamatic from NME in June 1981

Live archive
Further correspondence with Phnuff, resulting in the submission of a diary entry that suggests Bleach Boys supported Ultravox! on 9th April 1977

This clashes with an historic gig listed on that date at The Priory Hotel in Scunthorpe.
I have been in touch by email with The Priory to ask if they have historic records.

25 August

Media archive
2275 – Review of The Machine in Classic Pop (October 2017)
2275 – Review of Translucence / Drift Music / Nighthawks in Mojo (October 2017)

23 August

Published this walk-through guide to the Translucence album

21 August

On the anniversary of the (alleged) gig supporting Caravan in 1977 at which Ultravox! (allegedly) did not play because of a fight, I received an email from Caravan’s biographer expressing with some confidence that this is a myth and in fact “Ultravox’ may have been confused with “Uriah Heep”. I have asked for further anecdotes and info, but it seems apparent that this was never even a ‘did not play’ gig…

Tweeted the anniversary of the release of Europe – After the Rain (1981) along with some discussion of the use of the hyphen in the title

19 August

Media archive
2273 – Picture of and article on John Foxx from Player magazine (Japan 1980)

18 August

Media archive
2272 – Review of The Machine at Penny Black Music

15 August

Media archive
2271 – Review of The Machine at Goldmine Collector’s Magazine in the US

14 August

Media archive
2269/2270 – Two pieces referencing John Foxx on compilation albums from NME in November 1980

11 August

Tweeted the anniversary of the release of Slow Motion (1978)

9 August

Media archive
2265 – A Gary Numan archivist provides review of No One Driving from Michigan Daily press, April 1980
2266 /67/68 – Three Marquee flyers, dated July 1977, August 1977 and February 1978

7 August

Media archive
2263 – New perspective review of Ha! Ha! Ha! in Classic Pop October 2017
2264Interview with Zeus B Held by Chi Ming Li at The Electricity Club
“John is a multi-talented very intelligent artist and we met at an interesting moment in our lives, but we didn’t make the kind of mutual masterpiece which we could have done.”

4 August

Media archive
2260 – Brian Eno Changed My Life at The Vinyl factory.
John Foxx (among others) chooses his favourite Eno record (Another Green World)
2261 – Copy of the first, official press release for the Destination ‘single’, 2010
2262 – Leftfield on Leftism at The Skinny. Paul Daley on Systems Of Romance

3 August

Media archive
2259 – We Are Cult post a news item announcing the release of The Machine on CD, vinyl and download on 22nd September 2017 AND news that “JFATM have recorded a new song-based album due out in autumn 2018”

This is a ‘leak’. Shared and re-Tweeted by Metamatic Records, therefore presumably endorsed, but with no official follow-up or announcement?

40 Years Of Foxx – updated for August 1977

2 August

Anniversary of gig at PC69 in Bielefeld, Germany (2002)

Shared Adrian Boot photograph of Ultravox from April 1978.
Taken in the central reservation of the A4, outside Island Studios in Hammersmith

1 August

Media archive
2257/58 – Two small news features from NME, December 1979 (SD)

Passed these to JM in Spain with thanks

28 July

Media archive
2253 – Overlooked this review of The Shape Of Things by Stevo (April 2012)
2254 – New perspective review of Systems Of Romance in Classic Pop September 2017
2255 – Trouser Press interview with Steve Lillywhite references Ultravox! (April 1982)
2256Ultravox gig at The Edge, Toronto is referenced in this excellent memoir by Dave Bidini in Canada’s National Post

21 July

Media archive
2251 – A review of Translucence / Drift Music / Nighthawks in Record Collector
2252 – A review of Translucence / Drift Music / Nighthawks in Uncut

19 July

Came upon this photo gallery of pictures taken at the 2016 Europe After The Rain exhibition at the Hawke centre in Adelaide

14 July

Ghost Box announce the forthcoming release of a debut album Outward Journeys by The Belbury Circle, which will includes two songs featuring John Foxx on vocals

11 July

Anniversary of the release of Burning Car (Vinyl single, 1980)

9 July

Media archive
2250 – Billboard (February 1979) publish an article on the re-opening and re-fitting of Hurrah club, New York which references Ultravox playing there soon

Includes description of the upgraded sound system at the club and details of its local status.
Also references that Ultravox tracks feature regularly in DJ sets at the club.
Quiet Men via Jim Fourrat…?

2 July

Media archive
2249 –Person 2 Person‘ interview with John Foxx in No.1 Magazine (July 1983)

Interesting piece, in which Foxx suggests that Hiroshima Mon Amour would be his song of choice for David Bowie to cover

29 June

Media archive
Added a further six reviews and listings from US music papers and College newspaper archives. Now 2248 items

27 June

Created revised, updated list of Ultravox dates in America
38 gigs over 28 days – 23rd Feb to 23rd March 1979

26 June

Media archive
Significant updates following links to US newspaper websites on the back of ongoing conversations with JM (Spain) – 40 items added (mostly listings and adverts) for the American tour of Feb/March 1979

Analysis of this in due course will lead to a review of listed Live Dates

23 June

Release: THE MACHINE vinyl LP (META62LP) with silver sleeve by Jonathan Barnbrook

16 June

Media archive
2202 – News via Facebook that the Harold Budd vinyl boxset is now available to pre-order from amazon, and the release date is moved to September 1st.

15 June

Media archive
2201 – Cazzfoxx loads a picture of John from Rockin F (September 1981) NOW BURNING

30 May

Received a copy of the Birmingham Royal Ballet souvenir programme with Leigh’s cover art, photographed by Neil Waterson. Credit to individuals, not CD & T

Having previously thought the figures on the front were an extract from a renaissance painting (possibly Caravaggio), credit inside the programme informs that it is a promotional photograph of the BRB’s two principle dancers taken during rehearsals.

Media archive
2200 – TEC interview Steve Jansen which includes a brief reference to his work with John Foxx on A Secret Life

29 May

Media archive
2199 – Gary Numan’s ‘top electro tracks’ published in The Guardian, including notes on Ultravox Slow Motion

27 May

Following up the CD&T posters leads to discovery of artwork for Birmingham Royal Ballet in 1993, promoting their production of Delibé’s SYLVIA in 1993

26 May

Tidying the book cover archive lead to an exploration of other artwork, and a discovery of two posters produced by CD & T for English Natural Opera that bear all the hall marks of Dennis Leigh’s style.

Also images online from the cover and inside of CD & T’s environmental programming brochure developed for Central Television c1994

23 May

Revisited the book covers archive, eliminating duplicates etc.
There are 46 book titles known, included works for Channel 4 television and Wulfrun college. Further listings refer to books with artwork INSIDE, not jacket illustrations

22 May

Purchased A2 presentation folder in which to display and store book covers

15 May

Discovered a jacket illustration I have not seen before, and purchased a first edition copy.
The 50th title in the archive
Book cover archive
050 – JM Coatzee: The Master of Petersburg (Vintage, February 1994)

14 May

Media archive
2198 – Issue 6 of POGO TIL I DIE fanzine (Preston, 2003).
Contains interview with John Foxx conducted in April 1998 (SD)

12 May

Transcribed recent Echoes podcast with Foxx on Delia Derbyshire

11 May

Media archive
2197 –
Personal anecdote from Thomas Leer on hearing of his influence on John Foxx (SD)

9 May

Media archive
2196 – Feature on John Foxx ahead of Golden Section concert in Rome (Italy, Dec 1983)

6 May

Media archive
2194 –
 Review of Systems Of Romance by Kai Martin in unknown Swedish paper (RH)
2195 – News of Metamatic and Underpass in a Polish magazine (March 1980)

5 May

Media archive
2191 –
Teen pop ‘pin up’ style feature from Dutch Magazine Joepie (c.Oct 1981)
2192 – Review of Systems of Romance in Dutch newspaper Leidse Courant (Nov 1978)

Two complete listens to Cathedral Oceans III in the church this afternoon, enabling me to finish my narrative and update notes on all three albums REFLECTED here

2193 – At Echoes.org John Diliberto records a podcast celebrating Delia Derbyshire’s 80th Birthday. John Foxx is among those interviewed, in which he recalls the impact of hearing the Dr Who theme in 1963

4 May

Media archive
Three new additions sent through by JM (Spain)
2187 – Musica Y Tecnologia (Spain, May 1986) five page feature on the Garden studio
Download pdf 
2188 – Revisita Rock Espezial No. 29 (Spain, 1984) two page feature on Foxx by M. Diumenjó
Cover only. Online purchase
2189 – Vibraciones monthly magazine No. 87 (Spain, 1981) features John Foxx on the cover and article inside. Cover only. Online purchase

Later this evening, RH sends through photos of the Vibraciones article

2190 – Advert online for the MUSIC MACHINE gig with MasterSwitch in May 1977

3 May

Tweeted anniversary of the OMD support gig (London Roundhouse, 2013)

2 May

Tweeted anniversary of the OMD support gig (Ipswich, 2013)
Tweeted anniversary of the MUSIC MACHINE gig in Camden 1977

1 May

All recent media items listed and filed. Two further additions

2186 – ULTRAVOX featured under ‘U’ in the NME Book Of Modern Music published at the end of 1978

Situation Vacant fanzine No. Four lists a feature on Ultravox in Issue 4, but the date of publication is hard to find, and do content is available. Contemporaries also listed Adam &  The Ants, PiL, Cabaret Voltaire and TG. Adam & The Ants inclusion suggests 1979/80, which would be post-Foxx

Tweeted anniversary of the OMD support gig (Nottingham, 2013)

30 April

The run of media items continues.

2183 – Full page advert for Stars On Fire single from No. 1 magazine (June 1985 – via JM)
2184 – Half page advert for Endlessly single from No. 1 magazine (July 1983 – via JM)
2185 – Dutch newspaper clipping advertising the Groningen gig (August 1977 via FM)

29 April

Tweeted anniversary of the OMD support gig (Birmingham, 2013)

Media archive
An unprecedented day of archiving material from European sources, with especial thanks to FR (Netherlands) and JM(Spain)
2171 – Profile of Ultravox 1976-78 by Javier Pinango in Ruta66 Magazine (Spain, July 1994)
2172 – Profile of Ultravox 1976-78 by Ramon de Espara in Disco Expres (January 1979)
2173 – 2181
Nine items from Dutch newspapers (not music papers) listing and reviewing gigs in the country 1977 – 1978. Details refer to FOUR more gigs in the country not specifically listed in the archive, though reference to ‘gigs in Holland’ is noted at the appropriate dates
Stadsparkpaviljoen, Groningen on 10th November 1977
Paradiso, Amsterdam on 11th November 1977
Eksit, Rotterdam on 12th November 1977
At present the latter is only one listing in one paper and no further evidence is forthcoming. The others are listed in several places and reviewed.
Donkiesjot, Sittard on 12th March 1978
This coincides with a gig in Stokvishal on 10th March and Brussels on 11th
2182 – Reference to Ultravox song ROCKWROK in an article of swearing in songs published in a local newspaper in NSW, Australia

28 April

Tweeted anniversary of the OMD support gig (Margate, 2013)

Media archive
2167 –
review of the Altantis Club gig (February 1979) in the Washington Post
2168 – one of the NME pages scanned (below) gives ‘news’ of the Lyceum gig, and confirms warm up dates in Wolverhampton and Northampton, December 1978

2169 – review of Systems Of Romance online from Rip It Up magazine (New Zealand, March 1979)

The above (2168) is the only NEW item for the Media Archive from the 8 scans received.
Two of the others confirm that two different versions of the same advert for the LYCEUM gig were published in the same edition of NME on 9th December 1978

Media item 1250 – previously thought to be from SOUNDS – is now confirmed as NME, announcing Ultravox first tour (March 1977)

A fabulous day for the Media Archive, thanks to Javier Martin.
A stunning poster:

2170 – Poster advertising Ultravox live at De Beuk, Middelburg in the Netherlands on 19 August 1977.
New for the archive, but venue is difficult to read
Perfect date, as they were scheduled for a gig in Ostende on 21st

27 April

Metamatic, Twitter and Townsend official store announce the release of the three Harold Budd albums on vinyl, with limited edition signed print by Foxx – 11th August
Media archive 2165 – news

Metamatic and Townsend official store announce the release of The Machine on vinyl – 7th July
Media archive 2166 – news

Media archive
Received 8 pages scanned from NME and Melody Maker in response to Sundays at the Lyceum post, which will confirm dates and sources of existing items etc

26 April

Purchased a first edition copy of A Dead Man in Deptford for the dust jacket

25 April

Tweeted anniversary of The Passions recording Sanctuary album in The Garden (1982).
Foxx is credited with ‘THANKS’ on the back of the sleeve.

23 April

Tweeted anniversary of the last of five night’s residency at Club Gibus in Paris (1977)
Tweeted anniversary of the last of five night’s residency at the Marquee (1978)
Tweeted anniversary of a John Foxx & Louis Gordon gig in Portsmouth (1998)
Tweeted anniversary of All Tomorrow’s Parties gig in Camber Sands (2005)

22 April

Media archive
2163/1264 – Two local press adverts for the Chancellor Hall gig in Chelmsford, 1977

20 April

Two Japanese articles uploaded to FB, both already liste d in the archive. Dates and sources now confirmed (different to original listings)

15 April

1977 – Do The Mutation UK Tour
Tweeted anniversary of a gig at The Marquee in Soho (1977)

No gig is listed for 14th April 1977?

14 April

Media archive
2161/1262 – Research at Companies House online via Metamatic interests

13 April

1977 – Do The Mutation UK Tour
Tweeted anniversary of a gig at cafe Lafayette in Wolverhampton (1977)

12 April

1977 – Do The Mutation UK Tour
Tweeted anniversary of a gig at Top Rank in Brighton (1977)

11 April

1977 – Do The Mutation UK Tour
Tweeted anniversary of a gig at Rock Garden in Covent Garden (1977)

9 April

Last UK performance of The Machine Stops

Media archive
2160 – Press cutting (unknown source) advertising 20th Century Box and referencing Foxx (June 1980)

7 April

Release – Hannah Peel’s HOPE LASTS EP on digital download.
John Foxx appears as guest vocal on the bonus track CARS IN THE GARDEN

Florian Schneider’s 70th birthday.
Tweeted a link to Nation 12’s ‘Florian’ in his honour

5 April

Media archive
2158 / 2159 – Reviews of The Machine Stops theatre tour referencing the soundtrack

Invited feedback on gigs during this week in 1977 – there is a gap in the archive

4 April

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at Tiffany’s in Edinburgh (1977)

Published 40 YEARS OF FOXX – April 1977

3 April

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at Top Rank in Sheffield (1977)

2 April

Tweeted anniversary of the Ultravox! debut gig at Eric’s in Liverpool (1977)

Invited feedback via Twitter on any Teardrop Explodes sessions at The Garden Studio

Located three interviews with Foxx online here on The Garden studio.
All archived as hardcopies, but not previously seen on the internet

1 April

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at the 76 Club in Burton-on-Trent (1977)
One of Chris Cross ‘worst gigs’ of all time.
Feedback invited and welcomed at the venue’s website

30 March

Media archive
2156 – Postpunkmonk’s articulate review of The Machine includes
2157 – a review in response by Echorich

24 March

Tweeted anniversary of the release of Shifting City and Cathedral oceans (1997)

23 March

Media archive
2155 – Simon Dell sends through a page from in the City magazine (April 1979) announcing news of John Foxx spilt with Ultravox

20 March

Tweeted anniversary of John Foxx last gig with Ultravox (Redondo Beach, CA 1979)

Media archive
2154 – Paul Pledger’s review of The Machine makes some interesting parallels

19 March

Tweeted anniversary of John Foxx penultimate gig with Ultravox (Riverside, CA 1979)
Most popular tweet to date with 165 engagements

Media archive
2152 – found online a poster advertising the gig at The Fleetwood in 1979

2153 – Advert for Slow Motion EP (1981) on the back cover of London Music Magazine “Trax” (4th March 1981)

16 March

Tweeted anniversary of the publication of both TITUS ANDRONICUS and ANTONY & CLEOPATRA Arden book covers

14th March

Media Archive
2151 – Electronic Sound preview the Hannah Peel & John Foxx ‘duet’ Cars In The Garden

10th March

Saw The Machine Stops at Jackson’s Lane, Highgate.
This time, the musical score was a little too loud and crashed the dialogue on stage.
Also saw the ROBOTS exhibition and bought the excellent soundtrack album

Magnetic Fields release the album 50 Song Memoir, including the track Foxx & I

8th March

Tweeted anniversary of gigs at Bookies Club 870, Detroit (1979) and located a new photo of the band for the archive

5th March

Tweeted anniversary of gigs at The Edge in Toronto (1979)

4th March

Tweeted anniversary of gigs at Two-Act in Munich (1978) and at Paradise Theater Boston MA (1979)

Found a full recording on youtube of the gig at Sala Apolo, Barcelona in 2004.
This enabled an update of the Support for this gig – local band Sistema

Also watched Evidence Of Time Travel in Dusseldorf for the first time.

3rd March

Media Archive
2150 – overlooked John Foxx epitaph on Mark Fisher from January 17th

Tweeted anniversary of gigs at Elzerhof in Mainz, Germany (1978) and at Paradise Theater Boston MA (1979)

2nd March

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at Universität in Tübingen, Germany (1978) and at Paradise Theater Boston MA (1979)

Media Archive
2149 – Two-page interview with John Foxx shared by Cazzfoxx from FM Fan magazine,(Japan) October 1983

1st March

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at Scheffelhalle in Singen, Germany (1978) and the last of three nights at Hurrah! in New York (1979)

28th February

News / Media Archive
2147 – Official sources announce the gig at Liverpool Exhibition Centre on 27th July, where John Foxx & The Maths will support Gary Numan. Poster artwork launched

2148 – Picture of John Foxx shared by Cazzfoxx from Fool’s Mate, July 1983

27th February

News / Media Archive
2145 – 
Hannah Peel announces the release of her next single ‘Hope Lasts’ in April. The release includes a bonus track Cars In The Garden featuring guest vocals by John Foxx

In November, ahead of her album launch in Shoreditch, Hannah announced on social media that she would be joined by John Foxx on stage. This was never officially confirmed and in the end he did not appear or perform, but it would have been to sing with her on this track. Instead, Foxx was replaced on the evening by Erland Cooper (Hannah’s colleague in the Magnetic North)

2146 – Interview online with Steve Lillywhite (Tape Op mag, 2012) in which he references the Ultravox! album

This interview is referenced in (and was located online via) 2143 in Duffuser

26th February

News / Media Archive
2144 – Music News (London based agency) posts news of a one-off Gary Numan gig in Liverpool in July, at which he will be supported by John Foxx & The Maths

No news from official channels representing Numan, Foxx or venue (Liverpool)

25th February

Tweeted 40th anniversary of the release of Ultravox! debut album

Media archive
2141 – this articulate appraisal of the debut album by Dalton Koss
2142 –  Added a recent post at The Quietus in which Benge presents a review of his favourite albums. No Foxx reference.
2143Diffuser Magazine online (based in Greenwich) post and appraisal of Ultravox! debut album by Brian Wawzenek

22nd February

Used The Quietus interview as an opportunity to set up a new folder for the 2017 Media Archive.
Checked the UK music press for more reviews of The Machine but none are forthcoming.

Brief but amusing exchange with Chris Watts, In The Moog, playing Mark Reeder’s Long, Dark and Sinister remix of Underpass on his Cotswold Radio Show

Worked on ARCHIVE Year Summary 2016 for the website, and new draft of brief notes on each track for Metamatic

20th February

Media archive
2140 – Chris Roberts post an excellent profile of the 1977 albums at The Quietus
Ultravox were post punk before punk had ended and pre punk before punk had started

17th February

News from Simon Dell that John Foxx has flu and his interview is cancelled

15th February

Media Archive
2139 – Paul Boddy reviews The Machine for The Electricity Club

News from Simon Dell at Encyclopaedia Electronica that he has successfully arranged an interview with John Foxx in respect of his Thomas Leer project.
This is set to take place at Somerset Studio on the Strand (Lonelady’s place) next Thursday (23rd Feb)

14th February

Media archive
Downloaded all 26 issues of Slash fanzine from Los Angeles, CA via circulationzero and donated £10 to Medicines San Frontiers
2132 – Review of the Ultravox! album by CB in Vol 1, No2 June 1977 “riding on the thin edge of pretentious bloated crap”
2133 – Review of the Quiet Men single by Chris D in Vol 2, No4 March 1979 “the equivalent of two sides of nearly empty air. No place to go but hell”
2134 – In the TOP OF THE FLOPS list May 1979, each Slash contributor lists songs they especially like. Will l’Amato lists Touch & Go by Ultravox (from the Whisky show)
2135 – Review of the first Whisky show by Sickboy in Vol 2, No 5 (May 1979) “fucking annoying”

Several nice anecdotes in this review: the support band didn’t show up; Ultravox were VERY late starting; John Foxx was disinterested and unconvincing

2136 – Response to the above in June 1979 by a fan defending the band

2137 – One further piece from Dry magazine (#11 – New York, Dec 1981)
Short one-line review of Europe After The Rain:”after about a minute you’ll wanna puke”

Also today, finished reading and thus archived Andrew Marvick’s essay
2138 – Un-Selfies: The Dissolution of Identity in 20th and 21st Century Art
Unalike in background, age, style, medium and visual idiom, both David Ostrowski (German non-representational artist, b.1981) and Leigh nonetheless epitomize in their artistic themes the evanescence of identity and the evaporation of the personal in a spreading haze of anonymity.
Leigh (born in Chorley, Lancashire in 1948) was trained in the 1960s as a student of pop artist Peter Blake at the Royal College of Art. [61] He developed an early sympathy with post-constructivist hopes of a new direction of “fine art” for the general public, and as such was influenced by Soviet constructivist diagram-based design – particularly that of El Lissitzky (Lazar Markovich Lissitzky; 1890-1941 [61a]), from whom he took a trademark strategy for depersonalizing the persona: the motif of blue- and-red diagrammatic wires called “proun” lines (like “dada,” “proun” is a nonsense word). Here is El Lissitzky’s Proun (1924-25), together with an early book-cover illustration by Dennis Leigh for Dick Morland’s science- fiction novel Heart Clock [61b], from 1973 – in a style sometimes referred to as Realist Contructivism.
Leigh is a longtime lecturer in digital and graphic design but he has always been better known – significantly, under the alias John Foxx – for his long and influential participation in the field of electronic music. Leigh’s more recent work consists mainly of digitally manipulated analog photography, sometimes incorporated into collage, nearly always showing off novel ways of obliterating the subjects’ identity. [62]* The Quiet Man is seen from behind and above, while the viewer’s eye gradually notices unusual and inexplicable effects of light surrounding him. [63] In Neuro Video [64]* and The Pleasures of Electricity Leigh literally blanks out the faces of his subjects with light effects; [65] in the collage/assemblage B Movie the figure’s face is torn off in the middle; [66] and in the long-form ambient film Cathedral Oceans (1997), Photoshop-like double-exposure layering effects are mapped to three-dimensional surfaces to create a constantly shifting conglomeration of unrelated imagery that floats across the faces of classical Greek statues.
Most or all of Leigh’s art has been created at at least one remove, so to speak: his clearest art-historical sources of inspiration are fraught with issues of obscured identity and the excision of the gaze; and most of his work has been set in a devastated yet oddly summer-lit city of the future, populated by wandering, face-averted figures seeking the retrieval of lost memories amid the architectural detritus of a J.G. Ballard-like dystopian London.

12th February

Media archive
A very slow start to the year in terms of contemporary media. Rather surprising given that a new album is available…?

Six Japanese items posted to Facebook via Cazzfoxx.
2126 – Picture from Music Life (Nov 83) shows John in the white blouse and beige trousers typical of the period, posing outdoors in an English country lane…?
2127 – 3-page article on John Foxx from Ongaku Senka (Nov 83), with photographs by Herbie Yamaguchi
2128 – Press news from the USA in Ongaku Senka (Oct 83), in which a ‘Burning Car’ photo of John Foxx appears alongside an entry featuring Soft Cell
2129 – In the same edition, there is an advert for the Endlessly single (1982 version)
2130 – Also in the same edition, a colour photo of John Foxx in a black blazer and tie, looking rather stern. Posed next to a Romanesque bust.
2131 – 3-page article in Rockin F (Dec 1981) introducing new UK electronic bands, entitled How Are You Mr Electric?

10th February

Release: John Foxx And The Maths – The Machine (META62CD)

Email from editorial assistant at Olympia acknowledging receipt of submission

8th February

Pilot Theatre take delivery of boxes of The Machine CDs for distribution on the tour that starts on Friday

Tweeted anniversary of Smash Hits featuring both Underpass and Metamatic (1980)

Submitted the second draft of a sample chapter on Ultravox! to Olympia publishers in London

7th February

Book revision:
Worked on a couple of draft chapters.
Losing quotes and references in place of paraphrased narrative

5th February

Video at YouTube of New York band Halo & The Harlots performing Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead

4th February

Published the next post at 40 Years Of Foxx on February 1977 to mark the anniversary of the release of Dangerous Rhythm

Rather sooner than I would have liked, but there was a demand. The first post has taken over 50 hits, which is encouragingWill promote again on the album’s anniversary (25th)

Telephone catch up with RH discussing INDEX text for the website and his archival work on John Foxx recordings for  EDITIONS and VERSIONS

I remain convinced that ‘one day’ we will get to discover the true extent of John Foxx output.
We may have the released catalogue pretty much covered in terms of music, but are there live gigs, lectures and artworks waiting to be discovered?
I further imagine a whole career’s worth of demo’s and unrealised musics.
Endlessly fascinating…

2nd February

Further correspondence with Andrew Marvick following the presentation of his paper “Un-Selfies: The Dissolution of Identity in 20th Century Art”.
Fascinating academic insight into the context of Dennis Leigh’s work

31st January

Tweeted anniversary of John Foxx first appearance on Top of The Pops (1980)
Tweeted 40th anniversary of the Ultravox! launch night in 1977

Nonesuch Records release a video of the lead track from Stephin Merritt’s ambitious 50 Song Memoir project, due for release on March 10th
FOXX & I pays tribute to Foxx and references him several times, most notably describing a conversation they had backstage at the Cadogan Hall. Which in its turn leads my own archive to 10 July 2008 and enables an entry describing John Foxx attendance at the Magnetic Fields show at this venue.

The video is very clever, referencing Foxx own visual work with LFO and 20th Century Box, Tiny Colour Movies and The Quiet Man. An excellent tribute.

Added further anecdote to the archive with reference to the TOTP performance, broadcast (live) the day before Foxx watched Ultravox play their first UK gig with Midge Ure.

30th January

Barnbrook launches a new website.
Among the ‘projects’ is a page dedicated to each of his John Foxx albums

Media Archive
2126 – Interview with Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields in which he references his tribute to John Foxx

28th January

Tweeted anniversary of the most recent gig added to the archive – Doncaster Outlook, 1978 supported by 2.3 (with thanks to Tony Beesley)

22nd January

Media Archive
2125 – Interview with Midge Ure in The Observer in which he briefly refers to John Foxx and his own early rehearsals with the band

20th January

Tweeted – Anniversary of gig at The Mayfair Ballroom in Newcastle (1978)
Tweeted – Anniversary of the release of The Pleasures Of Electricity (2002)

19th January

Tweeted – Anniversary of book covers published in 1994 and 1999

17th January

Media Archive
2124 – New John Foxx interview about his book covers for the Arden Shakespeare series.

14th January

Media Archive
2123 – Poster (signed) advertising Ultravox first gig on the US tour, at the Hot Club in Philadelphia.
They played two shows at the same venue the following day.

Wrote the first chapter of 40 YEARS OF FOXX on the anniversary of the release of Low
I intend to summarise once a month…!

13th January

Saddened to hear of the untimely death of Mark Fisher – essayist, writer and philosopher who wrote extensively on Foxx and understood his work significantly better than most.

Tiny Colour Movies


10th January

Book revision – afternoon devoted to KD’s editorial work

4th January

Tweeted the anniversary of the rlease of Underpass and Metamatic by posting one of the newspaper adverts for both releases from the time

3rd January

Photos located online of Ultravox! playing at The Sandpiper in Nottingham in 1978

Book revision:
Email exchanges with Bower and Beesley on Ultravox! appearances at the Outlook in Doncaster. The band played THREE times at the venue, but were listed FOUR times. The gig on 26th September 1977 apparently did NOT take place – despite being listed in the national press.

Why would this mid-tour gig not have taken place?
Did Ultravox! play somewhere else that night??

Ultravox! also categorically did NOT appear in nearby Rotherham a few days earlier on 22nd September 1977, despite the evidence of a poster circulated at the time. This gig is hitherto not listed in the Metamatic Archive.
Ultravox second confirmed gig at The Outlook is also hitherto unlisted – they played on 30th January 1978, supported by PB’s band 2.3

Media Archive
2122 – in an unprecedented double-gig discovery day, it seems Ultravox! also did NOT play a gig listed at Eric’s in Liverpool on 3rd December 1977 – poster here

Recurring question – how do we know if a gig listed in the archive actually took place?
Venues list bands to attract punters who stay and see the alternative because they have travelled to the venue;
Agents book bands for publicity but have no intention of showing up;
Bands book gigs last minute (within days) and so are not listed on posters / flyers etc

31st December

Media Archive
2121 – SM posts a New Year message from John Foxx on Facebook, accompanied by a new picture of The Quiet Man

30th December

Received signed copy of Out Of Control by Tony Beesley – biography of the punk scene in Doncaster and Rotherham 1976 – 1978 (Outlook and Windmill clubs)

Book revision:
Revised date on the Ultravox! gig at The Outlook supported by Bethnal (May, not June) and added anecdotes by Paul Bower of local band 2.3

Paul Bower co-founded Gun Rubber fanzine in Sheffield with Adi Newton of Clock DVA.
Newton worked with Dennis Leigh at Modreno

The transfer of the first Outlook gig from June to May links neatly with the gig at Rebecca’s in Birmingham on 19th which hitherto seemed anomalous. Further evidence that there is a whole week of dates missing is suggested by the Hitchin College gig which Phnuff of the Bleach Boys insists was ‘May 1977’. Leading me to consider that other examples of Chris Cross ‘gigs from hell’ may have taken place this week?

27th December

Media Archive catch-up and filing
2113-2115 Three items in Vive Le Rock (April 0216)
2116 Foxx soundtrack referenced in this review of the Bunker show in York
2117 Simon Reynolds extensive review of Close To the Noise Floor at Pitchfork referencing John Foxx No-One Driving
2118 Overlooked review of A Man, A Woman & A City in Classic Pop Issue 17
2119 Interview with Erik Stein for metamatic not correctly archived (February 2016)
2120 Numan makes the first reference to his collaboration with Foxx in this interview for The Electricity Club (January 2016)

The above amendments bring the 2016 archive up to 150 records – the second-highest in Foxx history (2011 = 189 items)

26th December

Tweeted anniversary of the last UK gig by Ultravox with John Foxx (Marquee, 1978)

24th December

Tweeted anniversary of last ‘Winter Tour’ gig with Eddie & The Hot Roads (Cambridge 1976)

22nd December

With help from the Twitterati, the art exhibition Foxx attended at the invitation of Bruce Elder is identified as Mzui, Waterloo Gallery, August 1981

Various Adrian Boot photos of Ultravox outside a door marked STUDIO are identified as ‘The Fallout Shelter’ in British Grove at the basement of Island’s Hammersmith office

21st December

Tracked down item 2012 (below) to No.1 Magazine

Welcome (and long overdue) third response from Bruce Elder at 2JJ Radio in Sydney regarding Foxx interviews and anecdotes 79 – 81

20th December

Media Archive
2012 – ENDLESSLY lyrics and photo from an unknown publication dated July 1983

Worked on some notes on individual releases for metamatic.com and artwork for Barnbrook re The Quiet Man which lead to extended notes of Foxx London map

18th December

Trialling a new feature for 2017 – Forty Years Of Foxx.
A month-on-month summary for as long as I can bear to keep it up…?

15th December

Media Archive
2111 – The Quietus lists The Complete Cathedral Oceans at No. 13 in the best compilations and re-mixes of 2016

14th December

Media Archive
2110 –
 The Complete Cathedral Oceans is No.6 in the 20 best record sleeves of 2016.
Blackstar (barnbrook) is voted No. 1

12th December

Published a 2016 quiz on John Foxx at metamatic.com

10th December

Media Archive
2108Underpass is listed at Number 13 in Electronic Sound magazine chart of the 100 Greatest Electronic Tracks Of All Time
2109 – SUNDAYS AT THE LYCEUM advert from Sounds, 25th November 1978 here

Two of the adverts listed on 9th December are correctly identified as being from NME by followers on Twitter
NME lists the magazine title in the MIDDLE of each page header, with ‘Page xx’ on the outer margin. The date – positioned on the inner margin – is always written ‘Month-date with suffix-comma – year’

9th December

There are three identical adverts for the Lyceum gig in three different UK music papers dated 9th December 1978. Just different locations on the page

But which is which…?

Tweeted anniversary of the Lyceum warm-up gig in Northampton (1978)

Tweeted first anniversary of the initial download release of BRIGHT SPARKS by I MONSTER feat. EDP (fly in the ointment) with vocals by John Foxx

8th December

Media Archive
2107 – The new track A Man & A Woman (from 21st Century) is listed among the 30 Best Songs of 2016 by Chi Ming Lai at The Electricity Club

7th December

Retrospective Fact Migration…
Media Archive
2104 – Photos of John Foxx with Roger Spy at the Mirrorball exhibition for Kirk Originals in
Covent Garden, April 2010
2105 – From Trash press release dated 15th September 2006
2106 – Notes on the Arthertz project Beyond Good And Evil from 2006 which includes a unique quote from John Foxx in his biography on the project’s website

Tweeted anniversary of The Golden Section tour date in Rome (1983)

6th December

Tweeted anniversary of The Golden Section tour date in Florence (1983)

5th December

Addressed the challenge of categorising John Foxx ‘titles’ today, to facilitate work on the website. Music he’s recorded, music he’s released, music he may have recorded but has at least referred to; bits of music he may not have recorded but just thought about; projects, artworks, photographs; stories. Imagined things…

Tweeted anniversary of The Golden Section tour date in Bologna (1983)

4th December

Tweeted anniversary of The Golden Section tour date in Milan (1983)

1st December

Tweeted anniversary of a performance for Le Edad de Oro at RTVE in Madrid
(this recording now available as IN THE GLOW : MADRID 1983)

30th November

News (Media archive 2103):
Tracklist revealed for The Machine album. Two pieces from The Bunker Tapes are not included (unless they are re-named…?)

Tweeted anniversary of The Golden Section gig in Madrid (1983)

26th November

Posted several images of John Foxx artworks on display in the bookshop at Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon

25th November

Further reductions and promotion on John Foxx back-catalogue releases at Townsend.
Some titles (Crash and Burn x2 CD) as little as £2.00…!!
Codex still available as hardback book. Low sales?

24th November

John Foxx makes a brief appearance at St Leonard’s Church in Shoreditch to introduce Hannah Peel on the occasion of the launch party for her album Awake But Always Dreaming

Foxx was on stage for less than a minute, and came on unannounced after a long break in the proceedings. Only a handful of people in the 250-strong audience recognised him. He arrived late at the venue and was only inside for about half an hour, leaving during the second song of Hannah’s set.

Media archive
2102 – Review of The Complete Cathedral Oceans at DMC World

23rd November

Book revision: modest editing and correction work to THE ULTRAVOX YEARS
Provisional design for a cover…?

Spent time archiving, reviewing and sorting media.
Completed transcript of The Bitmap Brothers: Universe interview

22nd November

Pat Reid @Shakespeare Magazine confirms his interview with John Foxx will be published in the magazine’s next edition

21 November

Book revision: Roxy Music never played the RCA, so Foxx anecdote is mistaken? There are instead Rainbow Theatre dates from August 1972 and November 1973 (the latter without Eno)

Foxx would have seen Lindsay Anderson’s film If… after release in December 1968. Owing to the success of the film, a single was released featuring the soundtrack – ‘Sanctus‘ from Missa Luba – that reached No. 34 in the UK charts in March 1969

Book revision: various additions to gigs attended at The Twisted Wheel in Manchester during 964. Anecdotes are consistent with venue diary for Inez & Charlie Foxx, John Lee Hooker, Yardbirds and Little Walter. Vast majority are Saturday nights

20th November

Book revision: Wonderful anecdotes from Foxx as usual. Retrospective evidence of his attendance at gigs in the 1960s by Rolling Stones in Wigan and others at The Twisted Wheel

18th November

John Foxx And The Maths new album The Machine will be released on February 10th 2017.(FB post added to Media archive 2101)
To co-incide with the start of a tour of The Machine Stops by Pilot Theatre

Magnetic Felds (Stephin Merritt) announces the release of a 50-track new album in March 2017. One of the tracks is titled Foxx And I, leading to speculation that this about John Foxx

Merritt is a long-time fan and cites Metamatic among the records that have influenced him most throughout his career.

16th November

Media archive:
2100 – Inspired by Hannah Peel’s Memory Playlist published in October, John Foxx is encouraged to publish further notes on his favourite songs

14th November

Media archive
2099 – Interview with Karborn at Pink Noises in which he talks of his work with John Foxx

12th November

Completed 8,000 word transcription of John Foxx one hour interview at Electri_City in Düsseldorf.
Book revision: includes some nice anecdotes about the My Lost City album in particular, a few comments on In Mysterious Ways that he rarely speaks about, and the family trips to Lonodn as a child

9th November

Double page photo of John Foxx with Mr Normall at Düsseldorf station in Electronic Sound issue 24, recreating the iconic image of Kraftwerk posing there for the Trans European Express project in 1977

29th October

One of my many missions is to track down the overgrown London ‘Centrepoint’ painting that inspired John Foxx

28th October

Book revision – Received my copy of Electronic Sound 2.3 after subscription query. Fascinating interview with Foxx containing a couple of previously unrevealed anecdotes.
Interview with John Foxx is illustrated with several Cathedral Oceans images, including on ‘extended’ to an landscape format with previously unseen detail

Book revision – Also received copy of UNIVERSE : The story of The Bitmap Brothers which includes interviews with Foxx and Martin Heath on the Nation XII period

Anniversary of John Foxx head injury and the cancellation of a show at Holmfirth

27th October

Foxx anniversaries continue daily throughout the month:2011 – John Foxx & The Maths at Xoyo in London with The Neat and Xeno & Oaklander

One of the most disappointing gigs I have ever been to. X&O superb, but Foxx not on good form, sound crap and they started late so I had to leave 2/3 through set.

23rd October

During a conversation with SD at Encyclopedia Electronica about a forthcoming documentary project on Thomas Leer & Robert Rental, various emails  exchanged containing Foxx references to their work and vice versa.

Media archive
2096 – Review of The Electri_City Conference by Chi Ming Lai at The Electricity Club
2097 – review of The Complete Cathedral Oceans in Uncut Magazine (Dec 2016)
2098 – received an unpublished text by Foxx on Thomas Leer’s Private Plane

In Chippenham, the was a band once called ‘The So’ who changed their name to Random Gender – from My Sex

21st October

A recording of John Foxx, Steve D’agostino, Karborn and Kasia Isakoff (on Theremin) performing Evidence Of Time Travel in Dusseldorf is posted online

Media Archive
2095 – The Bitmap Brothers: Universe published by Read-Only Memory
contains an interview with and several references to John Foxx and Nation 12

20th October

Media archive
2094 – Received a recording of Ekci Steig in conversation with John Foxx at Electri_City Conference. Will endeavour to transcribe – lasts an hour!

John Foxx is asking for details of the Shakespeare publication date.
Editor confirms ‘before Christmas’

Posted the second of my Cathedral Oceans notes

Media Archive
2092 – review of The Complete Cathedral Oceans online at Backseat Mafia
2093 – review of The Complete Cathedral Oceans online at MagazineSixty

18 October

Image used on the cover of JOHN FOXX Electronic Sound CD is Time And The City according to Europe After The Rain exhibition

Various photos online of John Foxx and Erik Stein in Dusseldorf

17th October

Query from Shakespeare Magazine re: Arden Book Covers. Editor approaching Arden direct for artworks

Metamatic newsletter announces the JOHN FOXX CD in Electronic Sound.
My subscription copy still has not arrived

15th October

Anniversary of a release or performance continues every day so far this month…
Analogue Circuit release (2012); Golden Section tour Liverpool (1983)

John Foxx, Steve d’Agostino and Karborn present Evidence Of Time Travel at the Electri_City Conference in Dusseldorf

14th October

Release: Electronic Sound 23 includes an exclusive 12-track compilation by John Foxx as its covermount CD

Media archive
2090 / 2091 – Interview and track-by-track notes on the Electronic Sound covermount CD

13th October

Media archive
2088 – Ransom Note (London) publish a commentary by John Foxx on some of the music and flms that have influenced him

2089 – Review of Empty Avenues at active-listener from September 2013

Retrospective Fact Migration
Further indication that Foxx was at The Who gig at Central London Poly in July 1966 

12th October

Tweeted anniversary of the first night of the Golden Section Tour in Hitchin (1983)

Published first of three narratives on The Complete Cathedral Oceans

11th October

Media archive
2086 – Classy Heroes interview / feature with Foxx in Jam magazine (Japan, November 1980) via Lord Foxx FB

2087 – Interview with Adi Newton (Clock DVA) from 2014 in which he asserts working with Foxx at Modreno during the Tiger Lily period

Timeline / Book revision:
Encouraged to remove quotes if possibly and tell the story ‘in my own words’…?

10th October

Foxx is rehearsing this week for ELECTRI_CITY on 15th October at which he is performing Evidence Of Time Travel with Steve D’Agostino.
He will travel to France after this event.

Tweeted anniversary of the first night of the Exotour in Southampton (1997)

Received transcript of interview with Foxx for the Shakespeare Magazine.
Very interesting approach – inspiring to see something different.

Retrospective Fact Migration
One or two significant anecdotes on the 1990s period from Foxx.
Could be improved with one or two questions on the content and idea behind specific titles.

9th October

Asserted that there is a gig / release anniversary for every date in October…?
Ultravox tours in 77and 78, Golden Section tour 83, Exotour 97 and Metamatic tour 2007.

8th October

Also no 1977 gig on this date, which could be another anomaly…?

6th October

Artwork: The Way To Xanadu arrives, good condition.
Dust jacket by Dennis Leigh using silver leaf

Tracklisting for Electronic Sound compilation CD issued in confidence
Includes notes on each track by Foxx

5th October

Tweeted anniversary of gigs from 1978, and the Metamatic tour from 2007 (Manchester)

No GIG in the 1977 itinerary on this date, but Leeds and Huddersfield Poly either side. Possibly Portsmouth?

Media archive
2084 – Short Q & A with John Foxx in Record Collector (Nov 2016)
In which JF admits singing over traffic on a motorway bridge, and visiting Mark E Smith in the studio during the recording of a Fall album

2085 – Review of The Complete Cathedral Oceans by Phil Smith in Record Collector (Nov 2016)

Book revision – Poetry references.
The Garden by Andrew Marvell, The Child Is Father To The Man by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Invited to comment on interview with Steve D’Agostino

4th October

Tweeted anniversary of gigs from 1977 and 1978, and the first night of the Metamatic tour from 2007 (Glasgow)

Book revision – spent a useful couple of hours working on KD’s proof notes on the Ultravox! years.

3rd October

Media archive
2083 – The Guardian publishes a commentary by John Foxx on his ten favourite ambient pieces

Added magazine cover and colour photo from Music Week interview, August 1985

2nd October

Ordered a first edition copy of Caroline Alexander’s book The Way To Xanadu

1st October

Foxxtober 2016 begins with EMPTY AVENUES.
I intend to publish a short essay on each track through the week…

30th September

Three new items for the media archive:

2080 – Feature on John Foxx and Ultravox in Rock Deluxe (Spain) entitled ‘Espiritu Juvenil’

2081 – Announcement from SM and Electronic Sound that the next issue of the magazine will feature an exclusive Foxx compilation as its covermount CD
The tracklist is not released

2082 – Review of The Complete Cathedral Oceans by Paul Rigby in Hi Fi World magazine

26th September

Media archive (2079) – Review of The Complete Cathedral Oceans by Stephen Worthy in Mojo #276 (November 2016)

The ticket posted on 25th September is probably erroneous.
3rd March 1977 was a THURSDAY, not a Friday, and it has (what are claimed to be) the signatures of both Robin Simon and Stevie Shears on it

25th September

Media archive (2078) – Review of The Complete Cathedral Oceans by Keiron Tyler at The Arts Desk

Media archive (2077) – Review of The Complete Cathedral Oceans by Mat Smith for This Is Not Retro

Image of a signed ticket on FB via Lord Foxx indicates an Ultravox! gig in Mainz, Germany on 3rd March 1977

Retrospective Fact Migration
This is of especial interest as it does not really seem to ‘fit’ with the band’s known schedule at the time. The first UK tour started at the Red Cow on March 6th…
But it would be consistent with Keiron Tyler’s suggestion that the band DID play live in Germany for a Rockpalast television broadcast around this time…

Found this comment on a German music forum, suggesting they palyed to “less than 200 people: Ultravox ( mit John Foxx ) vor weniger als 200 Leuten im Elzer Hof in Mainz

23rd September

A week of album anniversaries begins with
EVIDENCE (24/09/2012)
THE GARDEN (25/09/1981)
RETRO-FUTURE (29/09/2007)

22nd September

Media Archive (2076) – Double page feature (inc unique photograph by H. Yamaguchi) in Ongaku Senka (Japan). First media record for January 1983

Gideon Coe plays THE GARDEN on BBC6Music –
The annual Shedcast. Live from a shed in North West London. A man, a shed, some records, 2 cans and a piece of string. What could possibly go wrong.
This year a home, garden and fish theme runs…

18th September

Media Archive (2075) – The Complete Cathedral Oceans 5x LP reviewed in  Classic Pop magazine

17th September

Tweeted the anniversary of the release of Crash And Burn

15th September

Good catching up day with Foxx projects –
Base map completed for TQM; began experiment using annotation with handwriting;
Confirmed notes for John Foxx interview from Pat Reid at Shakespeare Magazine;
Completed editorial review of RH interview with Barnbrook

Received scan of a list of proposed web pages in John Foxx original handwriting

14th September

Received annotated copies of Parts 2 and 3 from KD

Received scans of the original drawings for the Monumental Statues Project

13th September

Media archive (2074) Feature on John Foxx first solo gig – Hitchin October 1983 in Stevenage Comet

12th September

Archived material sourced at British library.
Media archive (2070 – 2073) Adverts for appearances at The Marquee in 1977

7th September

British Library research.
Melody Maker Jan – March 1974 ‘not currently available’…? therefore unable to search for Musicians Wanted advert that started the band.
Added five media items from the first half of 1977, including several odd weeks missing Marquee listings in Melody Maker.
Identified a review of Dangerous Rhythm by Caroline Coon in Melody Maker that is listed in archive but I have not previously seen

It would seem that Melody Maker did not review the album???

Also managed to date several pieces from NME and Melody Maker, including an impressive double page (larger than A2 size) advert for the Do The Mutation tour.

Nothing similar was produced for the actual album…?

Highlight of the day was a chance meeting with Keiron Tyler.
We exchanged Ultravox anecdotes and contact details over coffee and an hour of delightful conversation.

3rd September

Media archive (2069) – Review of The Complete Cathedral Oceans by Alan Jones in Music Week

2nd September

Release: The Complete Cathedral Oceans 5 x 12″ heavyweight vinyl

Release: Ultravox! on heavyweight RED vinyl
Release: Ha!Ha!Ha! on heavyweight WHITE vinyl
Release: Ultravox! on heavyweight GREY vinyl

Media archive (2067 – 2068)
Two pieces from The Arts Desk – an extended Q & A with Foxx by Keiron Tyler, and a CO vinyl review

31st August

Media archive (2066) – Hawke Research Institute uploads a full HD video of An Evening With The Quiet Man

30th August

Completed an 11 page transcription of the Hawke Talk with Anthony Elliott.
And ascertained from venue that Metmatic has permission to host

29th August

Tweeted the anniversary of the release of John Foxx “career-best” single Your Dress

27th August

Tweeted the anniversary of the release of JFATM Adult remix (2013)

RH hosts Skype interview with Steve Lillywhite

25th August

Tweeted the anniversary of the release of Have A Cigar (2011)

22nd August

Listening to Serafina Steer and Virginia Astley as The Ravishing Beauties, while in conversation with Stevo (former manager of Some Bizarre)

Media archive: (2065) – Facebook headers advertising the Electri_city Conference in Dusseldorf in October, where Foxx is appearing with Steve D’Agostino

Also added a copy of the French interview for Best magazine (1980) previously only marked by a photograph

21st August

Media archive : (2063/2064)
Eddie & The Hot Rods “Freeze Out” tour programme includes two pieces on Ultravox!
Inside back cover is an entirely new composition by Foxx in the form of a TELEGRAM using cut-up lyrics.
Back cover lists Ultravox! support slots on the “Winter Tour 76

Tweeted anniversary of the release of Europe After The Rain (1981)

20th August

Book revision: Excellent piece here on the formative years of Eddie & the Hot Rods.
Useful to contextualise their role as a vehicle for Ultravox!
Howard Thompson…?

Media archive: Planning trip to British Library to browse 1977 music press. There are ‘occasional weeks’ where we have Marquee ads missing etc, and various other pieces that need sourcing. Cheap tickets to London till September 9th…?
This presents further opportunity to track down the Musicians Wanted ad that launched the band…

Media archive (2062): More music press adverts for Ultravox! gigs in 1977. Mostly Marquee listings from Melody Maker, and most different from those already archived.
Many duplicates, but now replaced with better quality scans.
In some cases, we now have Marquee ads on the same date from all three papers.
Also now 5 ads for the Lyceum gig on 10th December 1978 over 2 weeks in 3 different papers!

Interesting to see how the same ad can vary minutely between different papers.
Subtle changes of size, or the use of italics here and there…?

19th August

Winter 1976 ‘Freeze Out’ tour programme with Eddie & the Hot Rods confirms the Cambridge Corn Exchange gig was 24th December. Scheduled support was Aswad, with no support listed on the previous night at Friars in Aylesbury.

Seems instead local band Orthi covered the Aylesbury show  (billed as Christmas Party), with Ultravox! stepping up for the same in Cambridge. Orthi were the biggest band in Aylesbury and played Friars more than anyone else. The band featured bass guitar and vocalist Pete Trewavas, who went on to play with Marillion. Being local and popular, they would have been ideal choice at short notice…?

Set a True or False? question on social media for fun.
John Foxx played more gigs with Ultravox than he has played since leaving the band?

Archive suggests more with Ultravox, but its quite close. Ultravox c210, solo c185
Responses are divided. Interesting.

Media archive
Music press adverts for Ultravox! gigs in 1977. Mostly Marquee listings from Melody Maker, and most different from those already archived

Fanzine review of the first album cApril 1977 “…it has too many different styles and that just makes things annoying.”

18th August

Media archive (2037) – Newspaper advert for gig with Eddie & Hot Rods from 1976, prompting a re-appraisal of the gig date?

Retrospective Fact Migration
Did Ultravox! play with the Rods at Cambridge Corn Exchange on Christmas Eve 1976?
Intuition says ‘yes’ – which would have closed the Freeze Out tour.
Current date of 14th Jan now seems incongruous…

Media archive (2036) – Hawke Talks online at youtube. John Foxx talks to Andrew Elliott

15th August

Tweeted several generic ‘August’ events, including Book covers and undated interviews

13th August

Book revision: – First ‘editorial’ notes received on Ultravox by KD.
Useful, constructive feedback

9th August

Interesting email from Barnbrook, with an invitation for me to collaborate with him on some artwork:

“not sure how much you know but there is a special publication coming out of JF’s quiet man writings. one of the sections of writingcalled ‘intersection’ is styled like a map from the 1940s. would you be interested in putting together the map bit? they are short paragraphs of text linked together within the map. i know of your expertise. so let me know what you think. i would do the typography on it so it would be a collaboration between us”

I immediately offered a positive response! Very exciting…

8th August

Media archive: – Tidying, filing and generally catching up identifies four press releases that adding to the catalogue:

2030 – Ultravox! (Island PR, March 1977)
2031 – John Foxx (Virgin PR for Miles Away. October 1980)
2032 – John Foxx (Virgin PR for The Garden, August 1981)
2033 – The Garden (Polygram, Canada. September 1981)

In addition: read, noted and filed the European itinerary for The Golden Section tour (2034)

2035 – Picture of John Foxx from Rockin’ F Magazine (Japan, May 1980)

5th August

On BBC 6Music afternoon show, Mark Radcliffe uses Cathedral Oceans to provide incidental music behind some of his links, advocating ‘slow radio’ and promoting the album’s forthcoming vinyl release.
Identifying the individual tracks is difficult, but Radcliffe clearly played Floating Islands twice coming out of the 1.30 and 2.30 news bulletins. City As Memory also at the end of the show and one other unidentified piece over which he dubbed pigeon calls and other birdsong

4th August

Media archive (2027 / 2028) – a Swedish poster from 1977 with the Ultravox! PR and profile; Japanese magazine Soundall review of John Foxx live (Jan 1984)

Picked up four new followers on Twitter (now 1361)

Received six photographs direct from the curator at HRI exhibition

Media archive (2029) Read this fascinating  interview with Billy Currie from 2006, and realised it wasn’t in the media archive!
Very rare comments and observations from BC on his relationship with Foxx and role in the band. A different perspective

1st August 

Media archive (2026) – Spanish newspaper interview from October 1978 in Popular 1 magazine. A rare and significant piece, including unique pictures from the Canet del Mar festival when Ultravox played on the same bill as Blondie

30th July

Book revision: Published this article Endlessly fascinating on my conversation with Andrew Marvick

Checking the Duck Art exhibition catalogue suggests that Foxx has sold SIX pieces of art so far in the Australian exhibition

29th July

Event – The Quiet Man : An Evening with John Foxx  at the MONA in Hobart

Photographs of the exhibition, and the live event are posted on youtube and at Twitter

28th July

Media archive (2025) – Switched on Punks feature in Mojo (September 2016)

27th July

Event – The Quiet Man : An Evening with John Foxx  at the Hawke Research Institute in Adelaide

25th July

First photo released by HRI of the Europe After The Rain exhibition, and a commitment that The Quiet Man evening will be available as both a podcast and via youtube

21st July

Media archive (2024) – Review of The Island Years in Vive le Rock (August 2016)

Book revision: Listened again to Kraftwerk’s Man Machine album (1978). The ‘kling klang’ sound of John Foxx Metal Beat echoes particularly a similar passage on The Robots

The artwork Through Gardens Overgrown is sold at the exhibition in Adelaide.
Confirmation from the same source:
The lecture will be recorded and uploaded to the HRI event website – please contact me a week following the lecture and I will advise when it will be available, if not already (may I suggest around 4 August).

20th July

Media archive (2018) – Retrospective ‘gallery’ from BCB Gallery in September 2015 which exhibits an exclusive oil painting by Foxx

Media archive (2019) – New ‘catalogue’ online at Duck-Art presenting 30 images that make up the EUROPE AFTER THE RAIN exhibition

Many of these are original CO images first published in the 1993 Cathedral Oceans booklet. Most of them however have been either re-named, or named especially for this exhibition.
One is now called Maps and Birdsong which is especially amusing…

Having promoted this through Twitter and via Lord Foxx, I subsequently removed the links on advice that the sale opportunities are – at the moment – exclusive to customers at the Kerry Packer Gallery in Adelaide. ‘Reformation’ sold this morning – three now gone.

Media archive (2020/2021) – Reviews of The Island Years in published UK music press (Record Collector and Q)
Media archive (2022/2023) – News and press release info about The Complete Cathedral Oceans at Vinyl Factory and Louder than War

Bringing the archive up to date, researching the new art catalogue and generally maintaing the archive took 3 hours this afternoon…

19th July

Media archive (2015 / 2016) – News and booking information on John Foxx dates in Australia in The Adelaide Review and Hobart Times

Media archive (2017) – retrospective review of Metamatic from Seattle, WA (July 2012)

16th July

Book revision : Followed up conversation with Andrew Marvick on the exhibition of his latest series of wonderful abstract compositions A Peripheral Character

Media archive (2014) – In response, Marvick sent me a copy of a paper he has recently had published in the book in the US called  Identity & Anonymity: An Artful Anthology in which
he includes a special note of thanks to me for insights and help with interpretations of
Dennis Leigh’s art

15th July

Media archive (2013) – Review of The Golden Section from No. 1 Magazine via Lord Foxx

Electronic Sound magazine Issue 21 features a covermount CD entitled ‘Covers Collection’ Volume 1. Tracks include I Speak Machine’s version of My Sex, Gazelle Twin covering Wire, Blancmange covering Can and Metamatics 1999 version of Personal Jesus

Book revision: The demos I heard yesterday were recorded before the sessions with Lilywhite and are the songs referred to by Warren Cann in his interview with Jonas Warstad. WC suggests they were recorded in the same studio as material by The Stones and The Troggs ‘WIld Thing’. WC is mistaken though when he says this was Denmark Street, and goes on to list a different set of songs recorded there later in the year.
The Stones and Troggs recordings were made in  Olympic Studios in Barnes where Ain’t Misbehavin and Monkey Jive were laid down.
Olympic Studios was well known to Austin John Marshall who recorded various artists there between 1970 and 1972. He was friends with the engineer Eddie Kramer.

But there is also a recording of The Day The World Ended that dates from 1974.
So where was that made?

14th July

Media archive (2011) – Interview with John Foxx in Spanish magazine El Pais via SM
Media archive (2012) – Review of Metamatic in unsourced French magazine, entitled “Johnny The Foxx”

13th July

In preparation for an interview with Lillywhite, I listened to a few of the early 1975 demos today – The Day The World Ended, As Gracefully As You, The Joker, Storms Of Things, Dark Love – as well as early versions of some more familiar songs. Surprisingly competent, genuine recordings. It’s a shame they have never been used.

Book revision : Recordings were made by Ultravox of two songs at Kingsway Studios in Holborn (owned by Ian Gillan) at the end of December 1978

Media archive – More than a dozen Marquee adverts from UK music press in 1977 / 1978 and over a hundred other press clippings and magazines articles waiting to be scanned, sourced and catalogued.

Opportunity to view the artwork for The Complete Cathedral Oceans, especially the stunning images selected for the inner record sleeves

Also discussed the website at some length with RH, considering ways to tackle the overwhelming amount of material in the archive. Especially photographs and media items. Identified various photographs of Foxx that could be used to annotate the Archive, year by year. I committed to further review of the website, feedback, notes and observations as well as the submission of short copy for each release.

Event – Europe After The Rain exhibition opens in Adelaide at the University of South Australia

12th July

Media archive (2010): Review of The Island Years in Classic Rock courtesy of SM (#2008)

11th July

Media archive : Three more items sourced from Lord Foxx at FB, including an unsourced review of Metamatic (#2007), notes on the 1981 issue of Slow Motion (#2008) and a short interview with Billy Currie on the release of Three Into One (#2009) 

8th July

Townsend still present The Complete Cathedral Oceans as an exclusive, which is misleading.

7th July

Townsend (JF official store) announce that the first 20 pre-orders for The Complete Cathedral Oceans 5-disc book set will receive an exclusive signed print.

This is a little misleading and confusing. The ‘exclusive’ part refers to the SIGNED prints, which are only on offer at Townsend. It is the SAME PRINT as in all the other copies of the limited 750-run.
Signed prints were gone within a couple of hours

Townsend offers the book set for £99.00

5th July

Media archive (2006) – NEWS. Announcements at amazon, metamatic and Facebook that a 5-disc vinyl book set of The Complete Cathedral Oceans will be released in September

The material has been remastered for this release, but no new material is included.
The Quiet Man story in the booklet is the same as that in the Complete cathedral oceans CD / DVD package and as such is rather disappointing.
The book set includes ‘several’ previously unseen images from the series, and a ‘framable’ 12″ x 12″ colour print.

Amazon offers the book set for £99.00, but Spindisc has copies to pre-order for £89.99

4th July

Media archive (2004) – Archiving and tidying files etc turns up an overlooked review of Stars On Fire from NME (May 1985)
Media archive (2005) – Lord Foxx presents another Japanese article, from Player magazine
These are very difficult to date, but often contain unique photographs

3rd July

Media archive (2002) – Undated short news piece from 1980 on the release of Burning Car entitled “Our Dennis”
Media archive (2003) – A third UK music press announcement on John’s departure from the band, published in May 1979

Email from John Hughes, manager at Modreno in 75/76 inviting questions.
Very exciting!

2nd July

Media archive (2001) – Overlooked a review of Translucence & Drift Music in the same issue of Mojo as Item 1993

Further comments on this piece about Modreno. Both managers Glover and Hughes are now in contact with each other. I look forward to hearing from the latter

1st July

Passed 2000 pieces today.

Media archive (1997 / 1998) – reviews by Post-Punk Monk on A Man, A Woman And A City and The Bunker Tapes
PPM does write well and is especially enthusiastic about the latest release

Media archive (1999) – A post at Lord Foxx of a piece from Sounds (I think) 1977 detailing the summer club tour. This was published a week before the existing article, and lists all the dates.
There is a discrepancy over the date of the gig at Tiffany’s which I need to resolve

Media archive (2000) – A review of The Island Years in the Scottish Daily Express

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at Leeds Polytechnic

29th June

A real surprise today.

Media archive (1995) – Benge posted on his blog that a recording of the set he and John performed in the Cold War Bunker in York would be available soon from the Memetunes bandcamp website. Excellent.

Media archive (1996) -Within a couple of hours, metamatic.com was updated with news of the same thing, offering a tracklist, artwork and a link to the bandcamp page to download a 6-track EP entitled THE BUNKER TAPES Live at York Cold War Bunker

I purchased a copy, for £6. The release date shown on the bandcamp page is for the previous date, 28th June 2016

27th June

Printed off all 825 pages of the first draft to enable manual editing.
Working online is proving too much of a distraction…

Not least because of the 17 notifications today from Lord Foxx, when the page was swamped with archive photos and recordings in the wake of The Island Years.
Nothing new, with the exception of a few live shots from gigs in 1977 and 1978

Media archive (1991) – TEC presents A Beginners Guide To John Foxx
Media archive (1992) – Picture of John from Music Life Photo Book “Blow Up”
(Japan, March 1983)
Media archive (1993) – Review of The Island Years in Mojo (August 2016)
Media archive (1994) – The same issue also includes an extensive 3-page interview with John Foxx, Billy Currie and Steve Lillywhite on Hiroshima Mon Amour.

Confirmation later today that Steve Lillywhite has agreed to an exclusive interview for Metamatic, and invited to consider questions

26th June

Media archive (1990) – The Island Years is among the CDs reviewed in The Mail On Sunday

25th June

Media archive (1987) – Cover of NEOLONDON fanzine Issue One posted at Lord Foxx on Facebook, described as an ULTRAVOX Special
Prompting me to contact journalist and writer Steev Burgess who wrote the interview (not included- cover only) and try to acquire copy

Media archive (1988) – Copy from Steev Burgess blog about his meeting with Foxx in Spring 1983

Media archive (1989) – Unsourced page of hand-written live review from a 1977 fanzine, accompanied by a drawing of the band

24th June

Media archive (1986) – Reading previous review 1985 turns up this short commentary on Metamatic, posted in May 2016
Media archive
(1985) – Review of The Island Years in Essential Music
There seem to be very few reviews or comments on this release?
Media archive (1984) – News of John Foxx appearance in Australia was posted on LinkedIn as early as April 3rd

20th June

Media archive (1983) – 1984 interview with Thomas Leer from E&MM referencing Foxx
Book revision: This article reports that Thomas Leer’s Arista single “International” (1984 version) was recorded and produced by Paul Hardiman at The Garden
Media archive (1982) – Japanese magazine poster from 1981 inc OMD and Human League

16th June

Book revision: Further evidence to support the case for listing at gig at le Rose Bonbon in Paris, November 1978 (ticket stub online)

15th June

An excellent day turning up anecdotal items for the Media Archive

Media archive (1981) – Photograph of the guest list for Joy Division’s gig at The Lyceum (February 1980) includes John Foxx

Media archive (1980) – A bit different.
Catwalk soundtracks a fashion + art + music photo collection at dresslab

Four more media items of especial interest:
Media archive (1979) – Eric’s gig flyer from September 1978
This backs up anecdotes that suggested Ultravox played two gigs on 23rd.
A matinee and an evening performance – supported by local band the Ded Byrds
Media archive (1978) – Review of Huddersfield poly gig in Summer Salt fanzine No. 2
Both My Sex and The Wild, the Beautiful & The Damned are mentioned as standout tracks.
Recordings from this gig feature on the RETRO live EP
Two items courtesy of the Manchester District Music Archive
Media archive 
(1977) – Ghast Up #2 features a reference by Paul Morley specifically to the live favourite City Doesn’t Care 
Media archive (-)  Ghast Up #1 review of the Electric Circus gig (March 1977) FRONT COVER ALREADY LISTED

Book revision: Added notes from all the above

Began correspondence with photographer Marcus Tylor who photographed Ultravox! at The Marquee in 1977

13th June

Book revision: All these pieces include anecdotes about Ultravox! and form useful material for the Island Years section

Media archive (1976) – Interview with Billy Currie on waveformless (2012)
Media archive 
(1975) – Interview with Billy Currie on 2 Up Top (2009)
Media archive (1974) – Interview with Billy Currie for ThisIsNotRetro (2016)

10th June

Media archive (1973) – Barnbrook shares a hand-written letter from Bowie in 1978 requesting that he gets ‘an Ultravox LP’ among others listed

9th June

Attended a performance of The Machine Stops at The Point in Eastleigh, and spoke with technician Ben Pugh.
The play has been filmed for DVD and there will be a UK tour next year.

Contacted by former manager of Modreno, who has invited further questions

8th June

Media archive (1972) – Hawke Research Institute Event program 2016
Media archive 
(1971) – News and published online by University of South Australia about a programme of events, talks and performances by Foxx in July

7th June

Tweeted anniversary of John Foxx last (?) gig with The Maths (Brighton,2013)

Media archive (1970) – Louder Than War review of A Man, A Woman And A City
Media archive
 (1969) – Billboard review of Metamatic, 2nd Feb 1980
Media archive (1968) – Marquee advert from NME, 4th Feb 1978

Further conversation with two Modreno colleagues, including personal anecdotes

6th June

Spent some time collating and checking reviews. The Machine Stops is everywhere, including national daily newspapers, so Media Archive entries are strictly limited to observations on the soundtrack

Media archive (1967) – Paul Pledger reviews A Man, A Woman And A City for flipside

Book revision: Response from former colleague of Dennis Leigh at Modreno; invited questions and offered to fill in details

4th June

Spent some time updating the media archive and then revisiting the track catalogue.
Only made it as far as The Garden – is there somewhere an edited version of This Jungle?

2nd June

Received an original photograph of Dennis Leigh taken at the RCA in 1975

Book revision: anecdotes from a student colleague at RCA with Leigh

1st June

Book revision: correspondence from Seamus Curran, a personal friend of Ronnie Kirkland (manager of Modreno c1970-85)

31st May

Tweeted the first anniversary of Ben Hogwood’s interview with John Foxx
Redefining Classical Music

30th May

Book revision: Having listened several times to Close To The Noise Floor and read various interviews and discussions on the album, I am resolved to self-publish the “book” as an independent author once I have written it up and see what happens… it feels right somehow that is the ‘right’ way to go. In those early days, everyone just made things up and did what felt right. There were no models to follow, no youtube videos, no precedents.

27th May

Album release: META61CDDVD A Man, A Woman And A City
CD includes 5 previously unreleased tracks:
A Many Splendoured Thing – John Foxx & The Maths
A Man And A Woman – John Foxx & The Maths
The Good Shadow – John Foxx & The Maths (OMD Remix)
The Shadow Of His Former Self – John Foxx & The Maths (ADULT Remix)
Talk (Are You Listening To Me?) – John Foxx & The Maths feat. Gary Numan
DVD includes 11 short films by Macoto Tezka and one new track
Psytron 2 – John Foxx & The Maths

Media Archive (1949) – Interview in Sweden published online at Zero magazine
I made a lot of things too early…
Media Archive (1948) – Review of A Man A Woman And A City in Record Collector
Media Archive (1947) – Review of A Man A Woman And A City in Team Rock
Media Archive (1946) – Foxx is interviewed on his favourite records for Mojo magazine

24th May

Media Archive (1945) – Double page interview with Foxx in Japan’s Ongaku Senka (1982)

19th May

Book revision: notes on the electronic sound revolution that followed punk in 1978, referencing the artists and music on Close To the Noise Floor

16th May

Tweeted anniversary of an interview with John Foxx in Australia 2008.
Fascinating to listen to this podcast again with Steve Wide
Tweeted anniversary of the release of Quiet Man 3 on Touch Meridians 1

13th May

Media archive (1944) – Six page feature on John Foxx in Classic Pop magazine
Media archive (1943) – John Foxx is among several musicians interviewed in Electronic Sound magazine on Close To the Noise Floor
Media archive
(1942) – Review of A Man A Woman And A City in Electronic Sound magazine

12th May

Live event – John Foxx is interviewed about A Man, A Woman & A City on BBC Radio 2 with Jonathan Ross (soundfile = media 1941)

11th May

Started work on a transcript of the Q & A session from York, which contain several useful and interesting biographical anecdotes.

Lots of photos and video clips online from York, and Twitter followers now include Pilot Theatre and photographer Ben Pugh.

Tweeted that The Machine Stops sounds “More Ballardian than B-Movie, combining choral harmonic vocals with Dystopian psychedelia and atonal metalbeat industria”

9th May

Performance: John Foxx and Benge present their soundtrack to The Machine Stops at the Cold War Bunker in York. Followed by (1939) live Q & A with Pilot Theatre director Juliet Forster.
Foxx first live appearance in the UK since November 2014 at BFI

6th May

Live event – John Foxx is interviewed about A Man, A Woman & A City on BBC 6Music with Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie (soundfile = media 1938)

Media archive (1937): John Foxx will be a guest of Jonathan Ross on the Radio 2 Arts Show on Thursday 12th May

4 May

Media archive (1936) – Review of A Man, A Woman And A City at TEC
Media archive 
(1932) – Review of The Troxy Gig ‘with’ Numan at Freq.org.uk (2011)
Media archive (1935) – John Foxx is among those interviewed on the release of Close To the Noise Floor for Pop Matters in Chicago

2nd May

Tweeted anniversary of John Foxx & The Maths gig in Ipswich with OMD (2013)
Tweeted anniversary of Ultravox! gig in Manchester (1977)

Media archive (1933 / 1934) – John Foxx will be a guest of Radcliffe & Maconie on BBC 6Music on Friday 6th May (different fliers on FB and BBC 6 Music website)

29 April

Album released today featuring John Foxx:
Close To the Noise Floor – Various Artists (Cherry Red Records)
a 4CD, 61-track set exploring the origins of electronica in the UK.  Featuring tracks from key figures on the cassette label underground alongside early releases by future stars of the movement, this is part primitive rave, part synthesiser porn and part history lesson.

Fascinating to see Foxx included here, represented by A New Kind Of Man recorded in 1979. In context, it places Metamatic further ahead of its time than it now appears. Like the adverts I saw for the album in The British Library, many of us at the time were not aware of the cutting edge that this material represents, or the groundswell of alternative electronica that was building under the surface of punk and New Wave.

More media…

Media archive (1931) -Interview with John Foxx on The Machine Stops at Louder than War
Searching the ‘Louder than War’ archive returns an overlooked Synth Top Ten published in 2015, which exemplifies the contemporary relevance of Underpass

Media archive (1930) – The 10 best Synthpop Tunes ever – an alternative view.
The inclusion of UNDERPASS here is credited to an Irish band Boa Morte.
Their 2012 debut album ‘Soon It Will Come Time To Face The Outside World‘ is superb

Book revision: Several anecdotes entered retrospectively taken from recent interviews

Tweeted anniversary of John Foxx & The Maths gig in Birmingham with OMD (2013)

28 April

Media archive (1929) – Searching online for reviews turns up Destination at Room Thirteen (June 2010)
Media archive 
(1928) – Review of A Man A Woman And A City in Uncut Magazine
Media archive 
(1927) – Review of A Man A Woman And A City in Mojo Magazine
Media archive
 (1926) – Review of A Man A Woman And A City in Q Magazine
Media archive
 (1925) – Review of Close To the Noise Floor at The Electricity Club
Media archive (1924) – Interview with John Foxx on The Machine Stops in The Northern Echo

Tweeted anniversary of John Foxx & The Maths gig in Margate with OMD (2013)

23 April

Media archive (1923) – new interview on Close To the Noise Floor with Foxx at Soundblab

22 April

Media archive (1922) – full page article and photos in Rock & Pop (Greece, 1984)

Tweeted anniversary of five consecutive nights at Le Gibus in Paris

Modreno: features in The Professionals ‘Sky Probe’ (Series 5, Episode 6) 12th December 1982 and Minder ‘Get Daley’ (Series 4, Episode 10) 14 March 1984

21 April

London: archive research in the British Library. Searched Melody Maker Classified Ad sections for ‘Musicians Wanted‘ advert. It was not published in the eight issues dated December 1973 or January 1974; viewed music press adverts and interviews from 1980 – futuristic nature of Metamatic presentation striking in context

London: visited the site of Modreno in Albion Yard; gates open, so wandered in for photos.
Facade of two original warehouses remain.

20 April

Media archive (1921) – Interview with John Foxx on The Machine Stops in Lancashire Life

19 April

Found a new artwork piece by Foxx online at Artsy, uploaded September 2015 via BCB

Media archive (1920) – The Quietus exclusive preview of Talk (Are You Listening To Me?) with Gary Numan, including an interview with both artists

Tweeted anniversary of an Exotour gig with Louis Gordon in Glasgow (1998)

18 April

Tweeted anniversary of an Exotour gig with Louis Gordon in Birmingham (1998)

Referenced images of Mannequin On Staircase by Man Ray (1930) and
Nude Descending A Staircase by Duchamp (1912).
John Foxx A Woman On A Stairway (1985) is a pivotal track in his catalogue

16 April

Underpass (Dave Clarke Rework) released today on Charcoal Eyes compilation album

15 April

Thought Experiment: Listened twice through again to Van Morrison’s 1968 album Astral Weeks, to which In Mysterious Ways bears an uncanny resemblance. There are stylistic connections between the arrangements and vocals on the title piece and other tracks including especially The Way Young Lovers Do and Beside You. The lyrics include lines that Foxx uses on IMW (Birds sing, bells ring / Down through gardens wet with rain / Another time another place etc.)
Songs like Spin Away, IMW, Morning Glory in particular have roots in these Van M tracks, but no reference or acknowledgement has ever been made.
Must listen again and write a blog piece on the two…

Media archive (1919) – news at Vespertine (York) of a live performance and Q&A by John Foxx and Benge on May 9th, ahead of The Machine Stops

No-one has picked up on this and it is not referred to anywhere else. Posted 29th March

14 April

Media archive (1918) – new interview with Foxx at M- Magazine
Media archive (1917) at Metamatic of the new 4-disc boxset The Island Years which includes six tracks not previously available on CD

Book revision: Ongoing editorial, including anecdotes from above media

12 April

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at the Top Rank in Brighton (1977)

Listen to John Cheever reading The Swimmerhttp://www.openculture.com/2014/06/john-cheever-reads-the-swimmer.html

Media archive (1916) – review of Dave Clarke’s Charcoal Eyes album, inc Underpass at
Zap! Bang! magazine

10 April

Media archive (1915) – Benge publishes a commentary on Talk (Are You Listening To Me?) online at his blog Its Full Of Stars

8 April

Blackwells in Oxford have 8 Arden Shakespeare Third Series titles in stock.
The cover image appears to wrap onto the back (not including the spine), but on closer inspection it appears that a section of each front cover is repeated.
Blackwells also had in stock a copy of Tim O’Brien’s Vietnam War novel ‘The Things They Carried’ with an original Foxx cover – but only in paperback

7 April

Found online an image of the Southampton University gig ticket with Supercharge (1977)

Media archive (1914) – Biography of Foxx in Spanish at Spanish Electronic Foundation
Media archive (1913) – Review of John Foxx in Bologna, 1983 (in Italian)

Book revision: Foxx was supported by ‘Neon’ in Italy on 1983 tour, not Eddie & Sunshine

4 April

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at Tiffany’s in Edinburgh (1977)

3 April

Tweeted anniversary of a gig in Sheffield, reviewed by Adi Newton for Gun Rubber (1977)

Media archive (1912) – Picture of John at home published in Ongaku Senka (Dec 1981)

Book revision: Editorial review progressing…

2 April

Posted transcript of a German review from Bravo magazine (October 1978), with a view to feedback and amendments

1 April

Media archive (1911) – Quotes for Numan and Foxx on “Talk” remix by Eddie Temple Morris

Media archive (1910) – A1 format (portrait) poster for the Southend gig (December 1983)

Tweeted anniversary of the gig at 76 Club in Burton on Trent (1977)
Tweeted anniversary of the publication of Arden Shakespeare’s Pericles

Media archive (1909) – Belatedly caught on to the new bandcamp page (launched March 25th) where The Quiet Man is the first digital release

Discovered a new online archive for crowdsourced media at The People’s History of Pop
which returned two media items:

Media archive (1908) – Marquee venue listing for February 1978
Media archive (1907) – A1 format (landscape) poster for The Lyceum gig (December 1983)

31 March

Media archive (1906) – Press release from York Theatre on When The Machine Stops
includes quote from John Foxx on E M Forster’s novel

29 March

Book revision: endorsement of the First Draft from Paul Simon, who describes it as excellent and offers further input on the Ultravox years. Further notes on Ultravox at Reading in 1978 inspired by the following:

Media archive (1905) – Cazzfoxx posts a review of Ultravox at Reading (1978) from NME

28 March

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at the Toby Jug in Tolworth (1977)

26 March

Book revision: more editorial, at last cutting some text! Added some notes on Richard Guyatt (Professor of Art at RCA in 1973) and Chris Allen’s brother Jeff.

Media archive (1904) – The Electricity Club presents a beginner’s guide to Mark Reeder

24 March

Tweeted anniversary of the simultaneous release of Shifting City and Cathedral Oceans – the return of John Foxx

Media archive (1903) – The Guardian feature on how Primal Scream, Ministry, the Cult and Ultravox and Misty Miller reinvented their sound. Anecdotes from John Foxx
Media archive (1902) – Review of Bright Sparks album online at Team Rock (Feb 2016)

A master tape reel of The Garden (recorded 21 September 1981 at the Town House) appears for sale on ebay.
Encycolpedia Electronica – “A lot of these reels have been appearing recently – they were licensed out from UK to Yugoslavia and should have been returned, but weren’t”

23 March

On North Cotswold Community Radio (NCCR) Chris Watts Wednesday evening slot ‘In The Moog’ features A Woman On A Stairway – with a dedication to me following a chat on Twitter

Tweeted anniversary of the release of A Secret Life (2009)

22 March 2016

Online conversations with an Australian fan of early Ultravox! and made an approach to The Kats, who supported Ultravox at The Cuckoo’s Nest

21 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the release of Interplay (2011)

Book revision: 2 hours laborious editorial ended up mostly correcting typos…

20 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the gig at the The Fleetwood in Redondo Beach, LA (1979)
John Foxx and Robin Simon’s last gig with Ultravox

19 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the gig at the Cuckoo’s Nest in Costa Mesa, CA (1979)
Tweeted anniversary of the first published interview with Ultravox (Sounds, 1977)

18 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the gig at Squeeze’s Place in Riverside, CA (1979)
Tweeted anniversary of UK press announcing Robin Simon has joined the band (1978)

Book revision: anecdotes from The Suzannes, on the Stokvishal gig (1978)

Media archive (1901) – Stokvishal poster (1978)

15 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the gig at the Whisky-a-Go-Go in Hollywood (1979)
Tweeted anniversary of the download only Destination ‘single’ (2010)

Book revision: anecdotes from Erik Stein

13 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the gig at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco (1979)

Downloaded the Soho Radio interview to start work on a transcript
Downloaded exclusive broadcast of Dave Clarke’s Underpass Rework from Drag City Radio

12 March 2016

Media archive (1900) – Billboard magazine’s reports on new releases in Canada (July 1981)

Book revision: small update on the Bitmap Brothers. Re-wording and edit
Book revision: notes from John’s recent interview enables anecdotes on Woolly Fish

Tweeted anniversary of gig at The Coffeehouse in Davis CA (1979); also gig a year earlier in Arnhem (Netherlands) that still needs dating.
Joined a The Suzannes FB group in an attempt to gain information on this gig.
Tweeted anniversary of this wonderful interview with John by Jonty Skruff

11 March 2016

Book revision: anecdotes about Eno, Underpass and Art College portfolios from JF’s interview with Mark Jones. More to follow.
Book revision: gig anecdote from audience member at Glasgow Apollo in 1976

Media archive (1899) – Venue poster from Glasgow Apollo, December 19th 1976

10 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the gig at Grinnell College in Iowa (1979)

News that John Foxx was interviewed live to air by Mark Jones for Soho Radio yesterday.
Announced by Jones on March 4th, but overlooked by all sources

Confirmation from Drag City Radio (Sheffield) that Dave Clarke’s Rework of Underpass is a new track, released on Record Store Day (April 16th)

News also that Underpass _Dave Clarke Rework was broadcast on Sheffield Live last night at 9pm

09 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the gig at Gaspar’s in Chicago MI.

Media archive (1898) – Soho Radio interview with Mark Jones

08 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the gig at Bookies in Detroit MI.

Book revision: Notes of the dichotomy and duality of Bookies Gay Bar / Punk club

07 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the third gig at The Edge in Toronto

Book revision: extensive re-write of the section on punk in 1977.
Ultravox WERE a punk band…

Archive: Exploring possibility that Ultravox did NOT play two dates at Paradise Theater in Boston MA on the 1979, but in fact played the Euphoria Club on March 2nd and Paradise on March 3rd?? Two shows at each venue, and HSR in support on both dates
Was the show at Buffalo NY the following night recorded and broadcast…?

Opened a private chat with Australian journalist Mick Jeremy of Foxx-era Ultravox

Thought Experiment: The Other Side on B-Movie – Ballardian Video Neuronica is a recorded version of the piece played live by Foxx at The Show Room in Camden in March 2011.
Timing is right. Playing the album again tonight entirely by coincidence while reading my review of that show. The description I wrote at the time suggests it is the same piece.

06 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the second gig at The Edge in Toronto

Prepared list of media items for Jan 16 and Feb 16 for metamatic.com

05 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the first gig at The Edge in Toronto

04 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the sellout 300+ gigs at Stage One, Buffalo NY (1979)

Media archive (1897) – Soho Radio interview advertised on FB (March 4th)

03 March 2016

Tweeted anniversary of the gigs at Paradise Theater in Boston MA (1979).
This prompted a follow-up email to members of support band HSR in Hudson

Media archive (1896) – Response on John’s interview with Fortean Times (2011)
Media archive
 (1895) – Interview with Luis Vasquez of The Soft Moon on Evidence (2014)

02 March 2016

Media archive (1894) – small cameo by Foxx on Bowie in the retrospective feature on Bowie in Electronic Sound 19, recollecting Bowie’s call to Eno from Berlin in 1976

Book revision: An extract of Max Ernst’s ‘Europe After The Rain‘ is used on the cover of J G Ballard’s novel ‘Memories Of The Space Age’ (Arkham House, 1988)

Book revision: Dennis Leigh’s metamorphosis sequence from The Image is published in a review of the same by Roger Finborough in Penthouse (October 1971)

01 March 2016

No official news yet, but David Buckley announces on FB that he has just completed the sleevenotes for an Ultravox box-set of the first three albums

Received  I Monster | Bright Sparks CD

Another aborted attempt to do some editorial work…!

29 February 2016

Sourced media for the archive while listening to Cult With No Name – Above As Below:

Media archive (1893) – Review of BVR Soundtrack in The Crack, referencing John Foxx
Media archive 
(1892) – Preview of Wrangler’s He’s A Liquid in The Drone, France (Feb 2016)
Media archive
 (1891) – Review of 20th Century: The Noise in Mexico (October 2015)
Media archive (1890) – Review of Burning Car at The Arts Desk (Feb 2016)

27 February 2016

Media archive (1889) – News of a remix compilation by Dave Clarke featuring Underpass coming in April.
But which version? Is “Underpass (Dave Clarke Rework)” the same as “_Unsubscribe_Remake Mix) by Dave Clarke & Mr Jones” as released on the 2o13 limited edition 12″ single?

Met a man from Chorley in the pub. The correct pronunciation of Euxton is “Exton”.
Will follow up as he was educated at St Mary’s Catholic School…

26 February 2016

Two albums released today:
He’s A Liquid EP (META60) on vinyl (limited to 500 copies) and MP3, featuring Metamatic covers by Gazelle Twin, Wrangler, The Soft Moon, Hannah Peel and Xeno & Oaklander. Disappointing that two out of the five tracks are versions of He’s A Liquid
Bright Sparks – I Monster on CD, gatefold vinyl and various download formats, including Electric Dream Plant (EDP) – the dirt in the ointment with vocals (and lyrics) by John Foxx

Book revision: Notes on the New York Times review of Ultravox! at Hurrah and the radio broadcast of the Philadelphia show

Media archive (1888) – Chart Sounds feature on John Foxx (October 1981)

25 February 2016

Tweeted the anniversary of the release of Ultravox! debut album

Media archive (1887) – New York Times article on Ultravox US tour (March 1979)
This article states “the English band made its American debut in the wee small hours of Wednesday morning” which is contra to what is currently listed in the archives? It is incorrect.
NME (24th Feb) reported that Ultravox began their tour on a Saturday??
All bootlegs etc list the date of the first show as 23rd February 1979, but this was a Friday and is thought to be incorrect. Most likely (like many shows, including that opener at Hurrah’s and one at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco) it started just after midnight the following day which seems typical of broadcast shows.
The show at Philadelphia’s Hot Club was broadcast on WIOQ 102.1FM

Media archive (1886) – New York Times article on UK punk references Ultravox (Nov 1977)

23 February 2016

Michael Marsch (Rockpalast Archiv in Germany) confirms: Ultravox played only Rock Pop one time in 1978 and at ROCKPOP IN CONCERT 1983. They never played at Rockpalast.

Andrew Marvick requests permission to cite our correspondence in a paper he is writing on Foxx use of imagery

Media archive (1885) – news of B-Movie… being screened at Rio Cinema in Hackney  on March 13th as part of a JG Ballard afternoon

22 February 2016

Further work on a couple of album headers for metamatic.com

20 February 2016

Watched the German ‘Rock Pop’ 1976 TV broadcast again

Book revision: This set was filmed at the Rainbow Theatre on 19 Feb 1977
It is still unclear which German TV show broadcast the set, and when.
‘Rock Pop’ did not broadcast (on ZDF) until September 1977 and – according to this forum – Ultravox appeared only once (performing Frozen Ones) on 14th January 1978.

This would be in response to the single being released in Germany (in November 1977?) which coincided with their first live shows there

Another German TV show of the period was Rockpalast (on WDR), but this archive shows no reference to Ultravox either…?

Ultravox did appear on ‘Szene 77’ on ARD in June, performing Young Savage.

Email various German archivists, TV companies etc courting a response to clarify the programme and broadcast date

Received two complimentary CWNN albums – Above As Below and Another Landing from Erik Stein

19 February 2016

Media archive (1884) – Review of BVR soundtrack in Italy from October 2015
Media archive
 (1883) – Unedited text of interview with John Foxx from Erik Stein (2007) for the now defunct Wound magazine #Issue 3
Media archive (1882) – Review of BVR soundtrack in French national newspaper Liberation ( 26 January 2016)
Media archive (1881) – Review of BVR soundtrack in French music paper
Les InRockuptibles (8 December 2015)

Electronic Sound upload a preview of Hannah Peel’s cover of Tidal Wave from He’s A Liquid. I think previews and advance uploading of music dilutes the impact of the release

Tweeted anniversary of the Rainbow Theatre show with Eddie & the Hot Rods (1977)

18 February 2016

Media archive (1880) – Interview with Foxx by NME’s Nick Kent re-published in RAM Australia (May, 1980). Annotated with a picture by Adrian Boot, rather than the original images by Anton Corbijn.

17 February 2016

Media archive (1879) – Overlooked item from Exclaim in Canada promoting the Talk video by Makoto Teska (2013)

Enquiry to Erik Stein via Twitter re: interview with Foxx. ES offers to send copy.

16 February 2016

Media archive (1878) – Jeremy Greenspan lists Foxx among his favourite singers (2004)
Media archive (1877) – Jeremy Greenspan lists Metamatic as his “turning point” album

Exclusive interview with Erik Stein published at metamatic.com, discussing Blue Velvet Revisited and his film work with John Foxx.
The interview refers to an interview Stein did with Foxx (and Numan?) at Battersea in 2007. More likely 2009 when planning Electricity & Ghosts…
Erik Stein reviewed the D.N.A. exhibition in 2009 for Glass magazine

Made a rare visit to ebay and found an Italian cassette of The Garden with a Metamatic cover…and
Media archive (1876) – Golden Section tour dates in a Japanese magazine, November 1983

15 February 2016

Media archive (1875) –
News of He’s A Liquid 12″inch EP posted at metamatic.com and the official store at Townsend Records.
Five unique cover versions by Hannah Peel, Wrangler, The Soft Moon, Lonelady and Xeno & Oaklander. Includes digital download. 45 rpm
Artwork by Barnbrook.

14 February 2016

Media archive (1874) – Jeremy Greenspan lists Metamatic in his All Time Top Ten
Media archive
 (1873) – Jeremy Greenspan of the Junior Boys cites John Foxx as an influence on his latest album ‘Big Black Coat

12 February 2016

Media archive (1872) – BVR post a short 2-minute trailer of the forthcoming film

10 February 2016

Media archive (1871) – Post-Punk Monk notes on latest and forthcoming releases

Tweeted the anniversary of a gig at Eric’s (1978)

8 February 2016

News of 21st Century: A Man A Woman and A City posted at metamatic.com and the official store at Townsend Records.
Deluxe edition includes Makoto Tezka films on a DVD with the Deluxe edition, plus three live studio Maths recordings for download. CD includes the two outstanding Maths songs (‘A Man And A Woman’ and ‘A Many Splendoured Thing’) and Gary Numan’s remix of ‘Talk’.
Artwork by Barnbrook.

Media archive (1869) – see above
Media archive (1870) – Previously unseen article in Germany’s Bravo magazine (1978) to transcribe and date

7 February 2016

Made initial contact with Neil Storey regarding the Hidden Masters series and the
Island Book of Records project

Tweeted anniversary of a gig with The Distractions (Feb 1978) and put out call for any bands who supported Ultravox! to get in touch

5 February 2016

News of the Cherry Red compilation Close To the Noise Floor feat. A New Kind Of Man

Media archive (1868) – Advert for £1 off Ha! Ha! Ha! at Virgin Records (October 1977)

Put together this fantasy artwork and playlist of ‘missing’ pieces

4 February 2016

Tweeted anniversary of Ultravox! debut single Dangerous Rhythm (1977)

Conversation with Al Darby on Twitter re: Masters degree @TVU with Dennis Leigh

3 February 2016

Sourced dates for two German items on Ultravox! from July 77 and Aug 78, written by Ingeborg Schober. Helpful in the challenge to unravel confusion over performances and visits to Germany.

2 February 2016

Media archive (1863) – Review of Evergreen at Electric Banana (2011)
Media archive (1864) – Review of Evergreen at Hyperstereo (2012)
Media archive (1865) – Review of The Pleasures Of Electricity at The Electrogarden Network (2003)
Media archive (1866) – Karborn’s Tumblr post of stills from Evidence Of Time Travel
Media archive (1867) – Review of Bright Sparks (album) at Electronic Musician

1 February 2016

Bookcover Artwork:
049 – Second Annual of the Advertising Circle (1987).
Not only is the cover wrap by Dennis Leigh in his characteristic gold leaf style, but the book contains also three unique collages beautifully photographed by Neil Waterson and three ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ cameo artworks.

This is the earliest known example of Leigh’s work of this kind

Book revision: notes on the above, produced while Leigh was registered with The Chase in Manchester. Introduce Neil Waterson and Ben Casey

Quote from Foxx on his contribution to Eno’s 1994 ‘Warchild’ exhibition in London

Media archive (1862) – Attack magazine feature on Top Ten drum machines

Tweeted anniversary of Foxx reading When You Walk Through Me (2010)

31 January 2016

Media archive (1860) – Interview in Musik Express (Germany) May 1978
Media archive
 (1861) – Review of Empty Avenues (Uncut) December 2013

Also found a scan of Angus MacKinnon’s scathing review of RETRO EP (NME, April 1978)

30 January 2016

Media archive (1861) – Review of Burning Car by Paul Pledger for Flipside

29 January 2016

Album release: Burning Car 12″ vinyl (gatefold sleeve designed by Barnbrook)

28 January 2016

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at Southampton University (1977)
Tweeted anniversary of a gig in Norwich (1978)

27 January 2016

In an interview with The Electricity Club, Gary Numan confirms he has finished work on a John Foxx remix ‘collaboration’.

Copies of Burning Car vinyl album are despatched to fulfill pre-orders

26 January 2016

Book revision: Venue notes on the Coffee House at University of California, Davis (1979)

Book jacket artwork: – The Second Annual of the Advertising Creative Circle (1987)
by Neil Waterson (Photographer), Dennis Leigh (Illustrator)

Artwork: London portrait photographer Neil Waterson uses a Dennis Leigh image on his homepage.
This is a genuine rarity and an absolutely beautiful, unique unpublished collage. The only other example of the picture in print is in a 1992 book ‘The Pleasure Of Reading’ published by Bloomsbury to celebrate the bicentenary of WH Smith where it is only 40 x 30mm

25 January 2016

Re-visited website archive headers for 2013, 2014 and 2015 – all slightly too long

24 January 2016

Book revision: Began the first attempt to edit the Timeline draft, cutting out superfluous adjectives and reducing the word-count…

Tweeted the anniversary of a gig at the Market Hall in Carlisle (1978). Did this take place- sources suggest only 13 tickets were sold in advance and the show was cancelled?

Social media chat about pictures of Ultravox! in a Chiswick park, 1978

Further conversations on Foxx artwork with Dr Michael Whitworth in Oxford

23 January 2016

Book revision: Notes on Stack Waddy and confirmation of their performance at Mr Smith’s in Manchester. Now trying to establish the date c1973

22 January 2016

Media archive (1858) – Record Collector (November 2013) ran an advert for Empty Avenues; also identified the source of a’rare zine appearance by a rather snobby’ John Foxx in Manchester fanzine ‘Pogo Til I Die’ (Winter 2003).
Simon Dell at Encyclopedia Electronica may be able to track down a copy of Roy Hesketh’s work?

via Facebook, Andrew Dineley made available the entire text of his interview with Foxx for Classic Pop last year. Fascinating reading, and significantly expands on key areas. I sent a copy to Andrew Marvick in Utah.

Book revision: Foxx reveals in this interview that he was at RCA with celebrated animators, the Brothers Quay and asked them to produce a video for Underpass

Tweeted the anniversary of a gig at the Apollo in Glasgow (1978)

21 January 2016

Book revision: Summary of John Foxx BBC airplay in the last three years

Tweeted the anniversary of a gig at The Music Hall, Aberdeen (1978)
Tweeted the anniversary of the release of The Pleasures Of Electricity (2002)
Tweeted the anniversary of Site Soundings exhibition feat. Cathedral Oceans
(Hoxton, 2003)

20 January 2016

Media archive (1857) – John Foxx postulates on Kraftwerk in latest issue of Classic Pop

Tweeted the anniversary of a gig at The Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle (1978)

Wrote the ‘2015’ Archive header for metamatic.com

19 January 2016

Media archive (1856) – Advert for Metadelic in Record Collector (July 2013)

18 January 2016

Tweeted the anniversary of the release of Metamatic (1980)
Also tweeted updates to Archive (1998) at metamatic.com

17 January 2016

Invited to consider comparisons between I Want To Be A Machine and this version of Bowie’s Drive-In Saturday, performed live in Cleveland, 1972

Media archive: 1855 pieces, including updates from 2016, 2009 and 1977.
2015 only the seventh year to exceed 100 ‘ghost sightings’ = 109 entries

Received from RH a photo of John performing Tiny Colour Movies in Leeds –
“birdsong was audible”

16 January 2016

Gig archive: This website (thisdayinpunk) suggests a Tiger Lily gig at The Pied Bull on October 19th, 1975. Interesting as this was a Sunday and the band played there three weeks earlier on September 28th (also a Sunday)
So is this a different gig, or does it suggest the September date is incorrect?

15 January 2016

Media archive: The Guardian’s interview with Awaydays director Kevin Sampson from May 2009

Book revision: Four Ultravox tracks secured first to provide the spine of cool and credible classics on Awaydays

13 January 2016

Wrote and uploaded this John Foxx A – Z as a writing exercise

Media archive: Bruce Butler in Australia writes an obituary of David Bowie and includes lovely anecdote on John Foxx from 1983

News: ‘Bowie did everything beautifully – right to the end.’ – John Foxx

10 January 2016

News: via Facebook, SM announces that John and Benge are ‘in the studio this week’ working on material for The Machine Stops soundtrack

8 January 2016

Tweeted news of updates to LYRICS section at metamatic.com

7 January 2016

News: Burning Car album announced for release on 28th January.
750 copies, gatefold 12″ vinyl. Artwork by Barnbrook
A bold statement for a lovely collectors item,  this will be the first album NOT to include the artist’s name ‘JOHN FOXX’ on the cover

Book revision: Conversation with Steve Lillywhite suggests the band were still called Tiger Lily in early 1976 during sessions with him at Phonogram

5 January 2016

Media archive: (1849) Promotional poster issued by Island Records (Oct/Nov 1978) including Systems of Romance

4 January 2016

Media archive: (1848) Two items from Computer Game magazines in 1991 reviewing ‘Gods’, including the soundtrack ‘Into the Wonderful’.
This supports a release date for Into The Wonderful soundtrack as March 1991

Tweeted anniversary of the release of Underpass (1980)

3 January 2016

Media archive: (1846) NME advert announcing Nashville gig 9th Nov, 1976
Good quality scans of three photos from German press, April 1980

Book revision: Further correspondence with Dr Michael Whitworth re. Foxx artwork

1 January 2016

Book revision: The Wild, The Beautiful & The Damned – exploration of the identity of the ‘New York Führer‘ returns thoughts on Warhol, Bowie and (my personal favourite) Lou Reed:
Alex Grady: The Velvets were quite pivotal to a lot of alternative music, plus there is the Lou Reed LP Berlin about lives being torn apart. Anyhow if nothing musically Lou was one of the first to talk about vicious nasty themes in popular music. I do see a lot of connection to Lou, the verses are about things that Lou has sung about a lot, Calling Cards of madness: Lou having had ECT and writing songs about it such as Kill Your Sons. Break my legs politely; Vicious I don’t know but I have read a lot of Lou Reed as poetry it gives a different light on it.

31 December

Played Ultravox! again. Several thoughts came up…

Book revision: Wide Boys = Diamond Dogs?
David Bowie and the Pistols “Juke box mongrels”
Rue Morgue Avenue = Kings Road.
Malcolm McLaren and Bernie Rhodes?
“Wearing my latest disguise” is a reference to Bowie. Foxx spoke to Billboard in Jan 1978 saying how he was inspired by Bowie’s constant changes and wished he had “a wardrobe of bodies to choose from”
He extends the same metaphor on My Sex
“Foxy adolescent sneers” obviously refers to Sid Vicious.

Book revision: The Wild, The Beautiful & The Damned
“So we engineered a wild reunion in a Berlin alleyway”
In September / October 1976 while Ultravox! were recording the first album, Bowie called Eno at Island Studios to ask for his help on Low.
Could Foxx be referring to this encounter, the phone call?

Need to check the chronology of this.
When was TWTB&TD written??

30 December

Media archive: (1845) Missing In Action – Vox (May 1992) in which Foxx suggests he has already illustrated “about 40 books”

29 December

York Theatre Royal announces a new performance of EM Forster’s “The Machine Stops” (1909) in May 2016 featuring an exclusive new soundtrack by John Foxx and Benge
Good to know this story is already referenced re: I Want To Be A Machine

Book revision: Consider self-publishing via Create Space?

28 December

Media archive: Three additions (1843) – a picture from Music Life, Japan (Dec 1980), and an interview in Billboard, US (Jan 1978)

Provisional enquiry to Ros Edwards at the Edwards Fuglewicz agency

Book revision: Follow-up enquires to Louise Burns at Andrew Mann and Carrie Kania at Conville Walsh as no responses from either to date

27 December

Media archive: Belated addition (1840) – all references to and quotes by Foxx in David Buckley’s Kraftwerk biography ‘Publikation’ (August 2012)

Book revision: Karl Bartos collaboration (1990)

23 December

Andrew Lownie declines invitation to consider the book. Polite and encouraging response:
“Sorry I wouldn’t be the right agent for this but good luck with your approaches elsewhere.”

The Branwygn and West Glamorgan Archive reply with no references

Media archive: Dated three pieces from Sounds (Germany) to September and October 1978, listing tour dates (1839)

Worked on a translation of LIVE REPORT from Munich (April 1978) as published in ROCKY magazine (1840)

Online conversation with Dr Michael Whitworth on artwork and Systems Of Romance

22 December

Submitted proposal to literary agent Andrew Lownie

Further correspondence with Phnuff of The Bleach Boys.

Tweeted anniversary of a gig at The Brangwyn Hall in Swansea (1976)
Approached The Brangwyn for anecdotes and further reference.

News: Numan confirms he is still working on a John Foxx remix

14 December 2015

Book revision: Notes on The Modern Lovers, referenced by Foxx in 1976 in his introduction to the song Modern Love.

Book revision: Notes on Steve Lillywhite from The Word podcast

Media archive: Review of Ultravox! by Mark Perry in Sniffin’ Glue fanzine (1836) – introduce Danny Baker.

13 December 2015

Book revision: Notes on the Centre Point ‘overgrown’ image that Foxx saw in David Litchfield’s office c1973. Attempting to identify the artwork.

11 December 2015

News of John Foxx contribution to Bright Sparks – an album and film documenting the stories of the early electronic pioneers
Track 7 : Electronic Dream Planet (EDP) – the dirt in the ointment

Media archive: First news of this (from October 2015) and tracklist (1835 pieces)

Launched online campaign through social media to establish Ultravox! definitive appearances in Germany.
I do not believe they played there in 1976.

10 December 2015

Media archive: Article on the history of The Edge in Toronto (1833)
also The Quietus Albums of 2015 featuring London Overgrown

9 December 2015

Media archive: Interviews with Warren Cann in Snot Rag (Vancouver) from 1977 and 1978; also review of Ha!Ha!Ha! (1831 pieces)

Release: I Monster’s Bright Sparks album is made available for download only from the project website. Track 7 ‘Electronic Dream Plant (EDP’ – The Dirt In The Ointment’ explores EDP’s WASP and GNat synthesizers and features lyrics and vocals by John Foxx

8 December 2015

Media archive: Album and live review from Muzikexpress in Germany 1977 added (1828 pieces)

7 December 2015

At issuu.com, Crammed Discs present a Blue Velvet Revisited press book containing all the reviews of the soundtrack album.

Media archive: added three of the above (1826 pieces)

5 December 2015

Media Archive : Added RockWRok advert (1977) and a picture of John from Japan 1981 (1823 pieces)

2 December 2015

Located The Word Podcast 192 with Steve Lillywhite in which he talks about working with Ultravox and how he came to Island Records

29 November 2015

Book revision: Toronto contract terms for gigs at The Edge (Feb 1979)

Book revision: Paul Simon’s commentary on the Ultravox! album photoshoot

28 November 2015

German magazine SPEX Muzik Zer Zeit (1985) and an item in Melody Maker (October 1977)
Media archive: 1821 pieces
Available on eBay in US – Contract for dates at The Edge (1979)

25 November 2015

Spent the evening noting and recording different METAMATIC adverts from 1980, following feedback from Encyclopedia Electronica

Media archive: 1819 pieces

23 November 2015

Book revision: Changes to Endlessly 12-inch single

Media archive: Peter Marks at Santa Sangre on London Overgrown and
In Mysterious Ways

22 November 2015

Andrew Dineley confirms his original 5,000 draft will be available ‘soon’

21 November 2015

Book revision: Gatiss TV production and Foxx soundtrack

Book revision: Malcolm Garrett and Underpass artwork

Tweeted anniversary of Evidence Of Time Travel (2014)

20 November 2015

Classic Pop publish Andrew Dineley’s ‘Pop Art’ interview with John Foxx.
Same magazine publish review of London Overgrown by WW

Book revision: Ansell Sadgrove, The Garden and Systems Of Romance

News: Gary Numan starts work on remixing a John Foxx track

19 November 2015

Discovered Man Ray’s 1928 silent film l’Etoile de Mer and noticed several influences on Metamatic. Blurred Girl especially. A series of shorts etc that have informed various films and images in JF’s career

17 November 2015

Researching Lissitzky as per AM’s advice leads to a re-discovery of Hausmann’s photomontage Tatlin At Home

16 November 2015

Approached a contributor at City Spaces & Popular Music to discuss Modreno (1973)

Book revision: Endlessly and the artwork

15 November 2015

Replied to Prof Marvick with close-up of detail on the reverse of Endlessly as requested.
Marvick responses immediately with more notes on Bladerunner and Matisse

14 November 2015

Tweeted anniversary of 1977 gig at Langley College, but date remains unconfirmed

10 November 2015

Review of London Overgrown at This Is Not Retro

9 November 2015

Tweeted anniversary of gigs at The Nashville (176) and Braunschweig (1978)

8 November 2015

Extensive and informative correspondence from Andrew Marvick on John Foxx artwork which will lead to extensive revision on this subject

Received Golden Section advert in programme from Pandora’s Box Music Festival, Rotterdam 1983

Review of London Overgrown at Rhythmes-Croises (in French)

7 November 2015

Book revision : Date of Foxx first exposure to Satie at Preston Art School. June 1966

Tweeted anniversary of two shows at Kant Kino in Berlin (1977)

Tweeted anniversary of two shows at Nenkin Hall, in Kosei, Japan (1983)

Tweeted anniversary of the release of Blood Diamonds (2013)

6 November 2015

The Wire publish expansive notes by John Foxx on his chart selection in Issue 381

Started to explore the ‘telephone wire’ recordings of Alan Lamb and Caleb Dupree

5 November 2015

Book revision : Notes on Speedball 2 (Brutal Deluxe) theme by Nation 12 winning best soundtrack in April 1991

Tweeted anniversary of Ultravox gig at Schwäbisch Hall, Festsaal, Germany (November 1977)

Tweeted anniversary of Ultravox gig at Markthalle in Hamburg, Germany (November 1978)

Tweeted anniversary of Golden Section date at Expo Hall, Osaka (November 1983)

1 November 2015

Process started to work up A New Kind of Map (2015 edition) by re-establishing design parameters

Wrote the Network Update that has lead the infographic revision

Learned of The Cyberpunk Educator that partly influenced Karborn’s B-Movie

US reviews of Translucence & Drift Music online here and here

31 October 2015

Completed the first sketch up of A New Kind Of Map (2015 edition)

30 October 2015

Learned of a gig in Paris at le Rose Bonbon (November, 1978)

Book revision : short entry about the club (above)

Catalogued Marquee adverts from 1977 and added two items to the archive

25 October 2015

Submitted proposal to literary agent Jane Turnbull

Submitted proposal to literary agent Andrew Mann

24 October 2015

Book revision : Notes on Viktor Hammershoi and the cover of Your Dress.
John Foxx wife Patricia photographed in The Garden by Peter Gilbert, c1981

23 October 2015

Submitted proposal to literary agent Carrie Kania at Conville & Walsh

20 October 2015

Systems Of Romance test pressing for sale on ebay includes Island PR for the album.

Book revision : Systems marketing campaign, publicity material and sales figures
Huddersfield poster appears to be incorrect. Eric’s confirm BOTH gigs were 23rd September

19 October 2015

Caught up with tweeting anniversaries of Golden Section tour dates (1983)

Tweeted anniversary of the release of Shifting City, TPOE and In The Glow (2009)

Tweeted anniversary of John Foxx review of Eno’s Music For Airports (2011) here

Book revision : Music-man Stevo Pearce (Some Bizarre) indicates he was at Warwick University gig

18 October 2015

Book revision : address of John’s house in Highgate 1981 – 1995

17 October 2015

Book revision : Lindsay Kemp’s Cinderella poster 1995

Tweeted anniversary of Miles Away single (1980)

16 October 2015

Book revision : Started work on a proposal for submission to literary agents
Tweeted on release of Nighthawks, Translucence + Drift Music and London Overgrown on Amazon

Observed that the appearances at Eric’s in 1977 and 1978 were both on 23rd September.
An interesting coincidence. There is a poster advertising a gig at Huddersfield Poly on that date

15 October 2015

Book revision : Langley College support band The Speedometors (November 1977)

Book revision : Decided to seek literary agent and submit manuscript

14 October 2015

Tweeted anniversary of the release of ha!-ha!-ha! (1977)

Started online conversation with ConorMc about another unlisted gig at Langley (East Berks) College

13 October 2015

Tweeted anniversary of gig in Middlesbrough (1978)

Review online of Translucence, Drift Music and Nighthawks at Pop Matters

11 October 2015

Tweeted anniversary of gig in Aberdeen (1978)

Received transcript of ongoing interview with Erik Stein (Cult With No Name)

Book revision : Battersea 2007 and Erik Stein’s film work with John

10 October 2015

Tweeted anniversary of gig in Edinburgh (1978)

Further conversation online with Phnuff of The Bleach Boys (Fur Coughs)

9 October 2015

Reviews in Record Collector of both Blue Velvet Revisited and London Overgrown

Book revision : Anecdotes of Grey Topper (1977) from Tony Hill

Received Grey Topper booking diary from Tony Hill

8 October 2015

My review of Blue Velvet Revisited enjoyed and endorsed by Erik Stein (CWNN)

Book revision : Anecdotes of Hitchin College (1977) from Phnuff (bassist with Bleach Boys)

7 October 2015

Book revision : Learned of ‘030‘ area code assigned to West Berlin after WWII

Book revision : anecdote from Chris Cross about the Top hat in Spennymoor

Started listening to Van Morrison’s album Astral Weeks (1968) – recommended for its remarkable similarity to IMW

Advised of another gig not listed in the archives – Hitchin College 1977 (or 1976?) supported by the Fur Coughs

6 October 2015

Tweeted anniversary of Evidence of Time Travel (2014)

5 October 2015

Learned of interesting new interview The Art of John Foxx scheduled for Classic Pop in December.

TEC list Endlessly among their favourite classic 12-inch singles here

Tweeted anniversary of gig in Cleethorpes (1978) and Glasgow (2007)

Tweeted anniversary of Baker’s Dozen – John Foxx favourite 13 albums here

4 October 2015

Tweeted anniversary of gigs at Leeds Polytechnic (1977) and Preston Polytechnic (1978)

3 October 2015

Added Straits (support band) to gig in Wakefield (1978)

Found 2014 retrospective review of Ha! Ha! Ha! album here

Found reference to Young Savage in BBC 6 Music’s book on influential singles

2 October 2015

Book revision : Learned of previously unseen John Foxx picture in Danny Baker’s autobiography re: 20th Century Box.

Expanded 20th Century Box notes in book revision.

Tweeted anniversary of My Face single (1980)

1 October 2015

Started Foxxtober with an opening review of London Overgrown.

Tweeted anniversary of gigs in Liverpool (1977) and Chelmsford (1978)

Book revision : Telephone call with Paul Simon regarding Highgate

30 September 2015

Added a gig to the Ultravox! archive – The Grey Topper in Jacksdale, 22 March 1977
Book revision :  anecdotes from Tony Hill‘s fascinating book.
While researching the above, came across another unknown gigRebecca’s in Birmingham, 19 May 1977

29 September 2015

Added this post to the blog, listing ten of the worst gigs ever according to Chris Cross of Ultravox.
Embarked on a mission to research five unknown gigs and add them to the archive

28 September 2015

Started reading book The Palace and the Punks by Tony Hill.
Excellent history of a small club venue in the 70s that attracted bigger names than it could really handle.

27 September 2015

Book revision : Began a fascinating email correspondence with painter Andrew Marvick, Professor of Art History in Utah. Following up a conversation I had with him some months back about his Foxx-inspired artworks


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